Share, Sell, and Earn Everywhere! Introducing the NEW PrettyPay™ Feature

Whether you're a seasoned online seller or you’ve been cautiously sitting the sidelines not exactly sure how to start, now is the time for everyone to step into ecommerce with confidence! 

Gear up with our latest innovation: PrettyPay™!

Forget about the messy maze of online selling – from setting up sales pages, dealing with complicated checkouts, and problematic payment processing – all of which are losing you customers along the way…

PrettyPay™ is here to cut through all that clutter and straight to the heart of selling!

With PrettyPay™, you’re offering customers the smoothest ride to purchasing your products. Whether you're selling handmade merchandise, standout services, or your latest online content, you can create and share customized checkout links anywhere and open up more opportunities for instant cash everywhere!

This article is your go-to guide on how to use PrettyPay™ to transform your selling tactics. Time to take your business from same-old, same-old to oh-wow, my sales are skyrocketing!

What is PrettyPay™?

PrettyPay™ is a groundbreaking addition to our suite of link management tools, designed for anyone ready to sell their own products, services, or content online.

In collaboration with Stripe, the world’s most popular online payment processor, PrettyPay™ is here to add some extra zing to your transactions.

These checkout links offer a streamlined, secure, and completely customizable way to manage the last, yet, most crucial part of the sales funnel: the “Buy Now” call to action. 

Rather than standard Stripe checkout links, a PrettyPay™ link is personalized to match your brand. That way everything feels right from the moment shoppers click, to when they happily check out.

Stripe checkout Links vs PrettyPay™ checkout link

It’s like telling Stripe, “Thanks, but I’ve got it from here!

Speaking of checking out, here's something your customers will love: one-click checkout on ANY platform! Simplicity is the name of the game here. And a swift, hassle-free payment option might just be the gentle nudge customers need to complete their purchase.

But there's more to these links than their good looks.

They're also packed with the same smart tracking features you know and love with the original pretty link. You get real-time stats on how many people are clicking and converting, providing valuable insights into what's selling and what's not.

PrettyPay™  is here to make things a ton easier for you and your customers. Our newest tool goes beyond payment processing a couple of ways…

  1. by simplifying the overall online buying experience for your customers and
  2. providing useful data to inform your strategies along the way.

Pretty Links vs PrettyPay™ Links: Tailoring Our Tools for Different Online Marketing Needs

Pretty links and PrettyPay™ links are both powerful online marketing tools, each bringing their own flair to suit the needs of different types of creators.

A pretty link” is an affiliate marketer's favorite. Its focus is turning lengthy affiliate links into cleaner, more manageable URLs. This makes pretty links easier to share and helps maintain a consistent brand appearance as a third-party promoter:

Shorten and Brand Affiliate Links with Pretty Links example

On the other hand, a “PrettyPay™ link” is more for merchants and entrepreneurs selling their own stuff. 

This personalized payment pathway pumps up your branding efforts, of course. But its primary function is to serve as a “buy now” link – streamlining sales that take place anywhere online, straight into your Stripe account:

Create customized Stripe checkout links with PrettyPay™ example

While both tools come with link customization and tracking abilities, the key difference lies in their focus. 

A pretty link is geared toward promoting and earning commissions on other people’s products. Meanwhile, a PrettyPay™ link is all about direct sales and improving the purchasing experience for your own products. 

Turn Your Creative Skills into Profit with PrettyPay™ 

But who wrote the rulebook to say you can’t be a persuasive marketer and creative merchant at the same time? PrettyPay™ is here to scream, “You can!

We’re tapping into a whole new market here – where EVERYONE can cash in on clicks! 

Have a blog you dabble with in your spare time? Or an exploding friendship bracelet-making business tearing it up at Taylor Swift concerts? Either way, PrettyPay™ is going to get your business trending and your cash register ringing!

Brick-and-Mortar Businesses 

Local brick-and-mortar businesses are always looking for ways to expand their reach beyond a physical storefront. In today's digital age, that typically means going online and trying to build a website that mimics the feel of your in-person store vibe. 

That's where PrettyPay™ comes in, connecting the cozy charm of your local store with the vast possibilities of online shopping. They spice up your site with personalized shopping links, adding a touch of fun to your online presence.

And with Stripe ensuring a smooth and secure transaction, your online shoppers feel as confident as they do making a purchase in your physical store.

PrettyPay™ checkout page example

But building out an ecommerce site can be a big move, and maybe one that you’re not ready for just yet. That’s okay too!

You've got other great options.

Take advantage of popular online platforms to shout out about what you've got. It's as easy as…

Suddenly, your special finds are now just a click away for anyone, anywhere. Plus, it's a fantastic way to keep your sales going, even after you've locked up for the night. 

Crafters & DIYers

Cutesy crafters and DIY enthusiasts who prefer to bring their creative visions to life from the comfort of their homes will also find PrettyPay™ to be a perfect match for their unique way of working and selling. 

You're more than just a home-based business owner. You're an artist, a maker, a creator who has transformed your personal space into a hard work space. PrettyPay™ understands this unique blend of creation and commerce.

Each of your handmade items, from cozy quilts to custom-crafted wooden furniture, gets its own tailored transaction gateway to find its way into the hands of buyers. You can also create different links for special deals you’re running:

PrettyPay™ link social media example

It's a straightforward way to shop online, simplifying the buying process for your customers and making the act of purchasing your creations as heartfelt as the effort you put into making them.

Plus, you're not confined to platforms like Etsy or Shopify. You have the freedom to share PrettyPay™ links across a variety of channels.

Bloggers & Affiliate Marketers 

Now let's say you're a blogger cooking up great content on your baking website. Why not whip up all those mouth-watering recipes and tips and turn them into an eBook? 

Then, with PrettyPay™, you can pop a curated checkout link right onto your blog posts. It’s as smooth as adding chocolate chips to cookie dough.

Here's some extra sprinkle: these links work perfectly with Pretty Links Product Displays too. Simply turn your link into a “Buy Now” button and position it next to the image and description of your ebook:

PrettyPay™ in Pretty Links product display example

It’s the full online shopping package!  Readers see your ebook, click the link, and make a purchase. Easy as pie! 

And get this, if you're an affiliate blogger, it's a double treat!

Earn from your new eBook sales and, by keeping affiliate links mixed throughout your content, you’ll continue to get clicks and commissions from them too. Talk about rolling in the dough!


Many podcast platforms, like Blubrry and Castos, already mesh well with WordPress and Stripe. However, you're still limited to basic Stripe payment links.

You need something that really amps up your brand. With PrettyPay™, you can create an episode ePayment express that vibes with your voice.  Plus, they’re super smooth to say. So your show sales will be as slick as your podcast.

PrettyPay Link podcast transcript example

And what better way to cure a cliffhanger than leaving a “listen to the next episode” link at the end of your transcript? It's the ultimate move for keeping your audience engaged and buying more shows.

Subscription Businesses 

Running a subscription business, be it drip-feeding exclusive online content, sending out monthly book club reads, or offering seasonal lawn mowing packages, requires a special touch in handling payments.

With PrettyPay™, you can personalize your Stripe payment links to represent your business and instill a sense of trust in potential customers. Create and share signature shopping links in community chats, forums, or social media spaces where your ideal audience hangs out:

PrettyPay™ social media community engagement example

It's this kind of attention to detail that turns the casual browser into a committed subscriber. It's a strategy that future-proofs a simple link into a long-lasting relationship, where each new member is eager to engage with your business.

PrettyPay™  takes things a step further by letting customers save their shipping information. This is a big plus for physical product subscriptions. 

When a customer completes a purchase from one of your direct-pay links, PrettyPay™ will save their shipping address – with their permission, of course. 

Then next time? Bam! Everything auto-fills. Quick checkouts, no repetitive typing, and a smoother, faster ride to more buys.

Artists and Photographers

The digital world is a canvas full of opportunities for artists, photographers, and digital creators. With various platforms like personal websites, social media, and online marketplaces, you have a broad stage to exhibit and sell your work.

PrettyPay™  specifically enhances this online selling experience.

For instance, if you have a portfolio of paintings and prints, you can create a PrettyPay™ link that mirrors the aesthetic of your art. Embedding these buy my artwork button links on your website’s gallery page adds to the visual appeal as well as simplifies the buying process for your customers.

PrettyPay™ art gallery example

With PrettyPay™, the benefits of selling online are multiplied. You gain the flexibility to update and manage your portfolio on your terms, free from the constraints of traditional gallery schedules. 

This freedom spills over into every aspect of your artistic presence, from how you display your pieces to the way you set prices and market them, allowing you to hold the reins of your creative outlet. 

Online Course Creators and Coaches

PrettyPay™ is just what you need to boost your online course sales too. They capitalize on a student's immediate interest, transforming their curiosity into concrete action.

Instead of directing them through a multi-step checkout process on a third-party platform, use PrettyPay™ for a more direct approach on your own website.

For example, at the end of a freebie course lesson or webinar, you can drop a simple: “Click here to enroll in the full course” link. Next thing you know, you'll have so many students signing up, you might have to post a ‘Sorry, we're full!' post for your next class!

PrettyPay™ online course example

The analytics from PrettyPay™  links are also incredibly useful for online educators. You get clear insights into enrollment numbers, helping you evaluate the success of your courses and plan effectively for future ones.

Non-Profit and Event Coordinators

For non-profit organizations and event coordinators, PrettyPay™ makes crucial tasks like selling tickets and collecting donations a whole lot easier.

Let's say you're throwing a concert or a big community event. With PrettyPay™, you can create a tailored ticket sales link to post on your event's website, share across social media platforms, or even include in your email campaign:

PrettyPay™ email newsletter example

Your audience can zip to buying tickets straight from the advertising channel that caught their attention.  It's quick, it's easy, and it's likely to bump up ticket sales. 

PrettyPay™ also provides an invaluable way to collect donations.

In today’s digital age, where scammers make trust something to second-guess, PrettyPay™ can get people to contribute confidently.

PrettyPay™SMS/direct message example

The professional appearance of a PrettyPay™  link enhances the credibility of your organization,  positively fostering trust among donors. 

And when donating is as simple, safe, and second nature as ordering pizza online, more people are likely to chip in.

And there’s a whole lot more where that came from!

If you've got something to sell – whether it's digital content, handy services, or physical inventory – PrettyPay™ is here to make those sales happen!

How to Generate a PrettyPay™ Link (with Video)

Creating a PrettyPay™ link is almost a carbon copy of making a pretty link. This is great news for our current Pretty Links users looking to pivot into a new venture. The familiar interface means you don't have to climb a steep learning curve to diversify your online business. 

As for any newbies or interest-piqued merchants who have dropped in to read this post, we couldn't have made it any easier to create a PrettyPay™ link than teaching a cat how to nap. 

For all the nitty-gritty details, be sure to watch our full tutorial video below. Be sure to also check out our support doc on How to Get Started with PrettyPay™ >> 

Prime Places to Drop Your PrettyPay™ Links for Increased Profits 

Once you've got your PrettyPay™ links ready (did you catch that you can create product links in Pretty Links AND Stripe? How handy is that!), then you’re ready to share them with the world and attract sales. 

Finding the right spots to post your PrettyPay™ links can open doors to exciting sales opportunities. 

Here's a killer list of places to put your link to work:

  • Website or Blog: Place PrettyPay™  links anywhere on your website or in blog posts related to your products or services.
  • Social Media Profiles: Share your links on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, where you can easily reach your followers and engage with potential customers.
  • Live Streaming Sessions: If you’re into live streaming, whether it's on Twitch, Facebook Live, or Instagram Live, pop your PrettyPay™ link in the chat or description for viewers to easily access.
  • Email Newsletters: Include your PrettyPay™ links in email newsletters, especially in product announcements, special offers, or relevant content.
  • YouTube Videos: If you create YouTube videos, adding your links in the video description or as a pinned comment can direct viewers straight to your offerings.
  • QR Codes in Real-Life Settings: Create QR codes that link to your PrettyPay™  link and display them in physical locations like in your store, at events, or on your business card.
  • Online Forums and Community Boards: Share your link in niche forums or community boards where potential customers are likely to be interested.
  • Direct Messages: Shoot your PrettyPay™  link directly to curious customers through a casual DM or a quick text. 
  • Podcast Episodes: If you run a podcast, mention your link during the episode or include it in the show notes.
  • Online Courses: Include your PrettyPay™  link in any online learning materials or courses you offer.
  • Online Marketplaces: Don’t forget to share your PrettyPay™  links on online marketplaces where external links are allowed.

It’s all about meeting your customers where they are and making their purchases as smooth as possible.

Get More from Every Sale: Why Upgrading to a Pretty Links Premium Plan Pays Off

PrettyPay™ is an incredible feature available to all Pretty Links users, enhancing your ability to monetize your content, products, or services effortlessly. 

As a Pretty Links LITE user, each sale you make comes with a small 3% transaction fee. This fee is part of the deal to help keep PrettyPay™ running smoothly. It's a small cost, considering the convenience and features you get. 

But…what if you could keep that 3% for yourself?

That's exactly what happens when you upgrade to a paid Pretty Links plan!

The transaction fee is completely waived for paid Pretty Links users, meaning more profit from each sale goes directly into your pocket. As sales pick up, those extra profits can really make a difference!

Upgrading isn't just about cutting transaction fees; it’s about giving your business room to grow and thrive. It's a smart move towards boosting your earnings and getting the most out of what PrettyPay™ has to offer.

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