Take a Peek Inside Pretty Links

Customized Checkout Links

Need a simple solution for selling online?

Turn clicks into instant buys with NEW PrettyPay™ Links! Perfect for content creators and merchants alike, these branded, Stripe-integrated checkout links make selling anywhere online a cinch. Just share your link and watch as clicks transform into sales – fast, seamless, and stylishly on-brand.

Link Management Made Easy

Done with disorganized spreadsheets?

Ditch old and outdated link management methods! Set up a commissions-driven mission control center where you can organize your links, monitor their performance, and gather conversion-driving data. Get all the insights you need from one convenient location.

Sensational Link Shortening

Tired of unsightly URLs cluttering up your content?

Clean 'em up with Pretty Links! Turn never-ending eyesores into short links that scream, Click me! Customize your links to cut out all that affiliate gibberish for a more polished look on your blog, social postings, and anywhere else you want your brand to shine.

Captivating Product Displays

Afraid your affiliate products are being overlooked?

Stop readers mid-scroll with Pretty Links Product Displays! Transform plain ol’ text links into attention-grabbing showcases complete with vibrant images, engaging descriptions, and compelling CTAs.From clothing and electronics to home decor and more, your products will convert like never before!

Click-Worthy Keyword Replacement

Worried cash is slipping between content cracks?

Fill the gaps with our Keyword Replacement feature! Jot down your top keywords and Pretty Links automatically links whatever URL you choose. Whether you're promoting affiliate products or directing traffic, every word becomes an opportunity to earn.

Cash in on Your Content

Turn your content into a regular paycheck – no sweat!

Find and Fix Broken Links

Sick of 404 errors weakening your website?

Page Link Health by Pretty Links! Revitalize the well-being of your website to ensure each link is working properly. Pretty Links will run weekly evaluations and alert you on any broken links detected. That way you can doctor them up in a jiffy and regain your converting strength.

Rev Up Traffic with URL Redirects

Craving more control over where readers go?

Jump in the driver's seat with Pretty Links! Choose from several redirect options, from geolocation to device specification, and create customized conversion tunnels throughout your site. Take readers on a personalized journey that paves the way to greater profits.

Scan and Earn QR Codes

Curious for more cool ways to market your links?

Turn lackluster URLs into profitable portals with the Pretty Links QR Code Generator! Create tiny but mighty pixelated squares that bridge the gap between offline and online shopping. With a quick scan, visitors are instantly transported to your affiliate product pages, ready to splurge.