Every Creator’s Cash Link

PrettyPay™ Links are the online selling solution for everyone, whether you’re a wordsmith with flair or an Etsy extraordinaire. They bridge the gap between displaying your work and sealing the deal.

All it takes is a simple copy and paste, and you’re primed to sell. Each link is a direct line to connecting your awesome creations with buyers ready to spend.

Selling online has never been this easy! PrettyPay™ Links open doors for every creator to make their mark and rake in profits in the bustling online marketplace. 


Sales that Soar with a Brand that Sticks

PrettyPay™ Links turn clicks into connections, and connections into loyal customers – transforming simple transactions into moments that linger in the minds of your customers.

Customers won’t be able to get your brand out of their heads! They’ll come back, again and again, not just for your awesome products, but because they loved how you made them feel from that first click. 

This cycle of happy customers means one thing: more sales for you. As your brand becomes a favorite online, you’ll see your sales numbers climb.

Link Smarter, Earn Harder.

Turn ordinary links into extraordinary earners.

One-Click Checkouts

PrettyPay™ Links streamline your checkout process, making it a one-click wonder that cuts down cart abandonment and ramps up your sales. 

Customers go from browsing to buying with just one click. That means higher order averages for you, and more sales packed into less time. 

Your smooth checkout experience also builds trust with your customers, keeps them coming back, and draws in new shoppers who love hassle-free buying.

Secure Selling for Satisfied Buying

The powerful partnership between PrettyPay™ Links and Stripe provides a fortress-like selling platform, safeguarding your business and every customer who shops with you.

No more sweating over security risks or compliance – Stripe handles all that for you. For your customers, it’s all about choices and confidence. They get to pay their way, knowing their money’s protected, no matter what.

You sell with peace of mind, and your customers buy with confidence. It’s smooth, secure, and just makes sense!

Share Anywhere. Earn Everywhere.

Turn the online world into your sales playground! With PrettyPay™ Links, every corner of the internet can be your store.

Pitch your products anywhere! Pop a link in your social posts, slide one into your email blast, or drop a few throughout your latest blog post. Make every piece of content a new sales platform.

Selling becomes effortlessly smooth with PrettyPay™ Links, converting your digital outreach into effective sales channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

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