What people are saying about Pretty Links

* from Episode 620 of geekbrief.tv with Cali Lewis

After reading through the user manual, and also seeing that there was a 30 day money back guarantee, I decided I had absolutely nothing to lose and paid for the plugin on the spot. I've just spent the last 12 hours installing, tweaking, testing and using the plugin and I am absolutely in love. And I'll tell you why:

It Will Change Your Life

Damn. That is a bold statement. But it doesn't make it any less true. Let me tell you a few ways I've already thought about this thing changing my world:

  1. First of all, I won't be using Bit.ly any more! When you use a URL shortener to redirect users to your blog post you are creating links to THEIR domain, not your own! This is BAD! Google gives you higher PageRank and sends you more traffic based on inbound links to your site, so having any other domain sitting in the middle merely siphons off some of your Google Juice. It also generalizes your brand.
  2. It's not just my own articles that I'll shorten now. Whatever I link to on Twitter or Facebook is going to have one of my own Pretty Links in it. That is going to allow me to actually count how many people are following my links! This is fantastic for getting feedback and improving since I currently have no idea if the things I'm sharing are interesting, suck, or whatever. Also there is a great little Bookmarklet that automates this now!
  3. Any time I want to put a banner ad or some sort of promotion on my site I'll be using a custom Pretty Links. Although I can also track the outbound links on my blog with Woopra, it will be interesting to see the reports in my WordPress control panel. I can't wait to see how these two go together (Woopra + PrettyLinks). So far in testing the links appear 100% normal in Woopra. Can't even tell there was a Pretty Links in between.
  4. I'm going to let WordPress + PLP start Tweeting my blog posts rather than doing it manually. I've tried some other plugins in the past for this, but didn't like them. Plus, they didn't post my own personal short URL! 🙂
  5. I'll use my own short URLs for things in the offline world as well. For example if I give a lecture and need to hand out a URL, I'll give them a PrettyLink. I mean, why not? Then I can see how many people acted on the information.
  6. Over on our WealthNation.FM podcast site where we have episodes, we'll create PrettyLinks with the episode number in them for quick reference like: WealthNation.FM/8 to correspond to episode 8.

I 100% recommend that every WordPress user get this plugin now!

-- John Pozadzides,
OneMansBlog, Woopra & WealthNation

I just HAD to write to say “Thank You”. Pretty Links Has Saved Me Time and Money!

I am amazed of how practical Pretty Links is. This plugin for wordpress is simple to install and even simpler to use.  I was already complete sold on the free version but the pro version has proved to be an essential part of my wordpress blogging lifestyle. The features, which have replaced the need to use 3 other plugins, are far beyond my expectations and almost too numerous to mention.

I now have complete control over the links on my website.

It is so easy to cloak an URL, if I want to change it later, it only takes me seconds to do so.

One of my favorite features is the keyword replacement tool. What a time saver! I get to choose and customize ANY Keyword on my blog and set it up to automatically cloak to the destination that I desire.

The reporting features are awesome! Checking the reports to find out exactly how many people clicked my links and how well they converted is very easy and so rewarding. I love the fact that I can even track links to my Twitter and Facebook accounts.

I’ve looked at some of the other similar tools available and even purchased one of them only to be disappointed. I haven’t found any software that even compares to Pretty Links and I actually saved money with your plugin.


In addition to practicality, ease of use, saving time and knowledge of which links my website visitors are clicking on, you’ve made me a happy customer. Thank you for really caring about me and addressing my needs. Customer service like you provide is unheard of in the internet marketing world.

I am confident that your wordpress plugin is a major key to increasing profits in my internet business and would highly recommend Pretty Links to anyone who is serious about their presence on the World Wide Web. I’m totally hooked on this very essential tool!


Gregory E. Nemer,
Internet Business With Purpose

Pretty Links has helped greatly increase traffic to my website. I have been sharing interesting links and blog posts on Facebook and Twitter using Pretty Links and the Pretty Bar. The 'retweet' feature allows my readers to retweet my stories on Twitter which I have also noticed has increased traffic. Pretty Links is totally worth the money!

-- Austin Moore,
Austin Prime

Anyone, almost, can put together a product and promote it. The value comes from customer service and support. This is where many aren't capable for one reason or another.

The team at Pretty Links is exceptional at providing this absolutely necessary resource. I've worked with WordPress installations for longer than I'd care to admit and had strongly resisted paying for add-on resources. I figured with all that was available out there for free I should be able to find what I was looking for and make it work.

Earlier this year I started seriously looking at pay-for items that could make my life easier and more efficient. (You get what you pay for had finally sunk in.) Pretty Links was one that I decided to work with.

I work with different webhosts, even including offshore. The first several installs exceeded my expectations. PLP was proving its value, without exception. Then I did my first install with an offshore webhost. Without getting into the weeds, it did install but there were some things that weren't working properly. Knowing that it had worked before, I assumed that it was somehow related to how they did things. Not getting it figured out with them, I contacted Support at PLP. I worked with Rick and Paul, and the problem was resolved.

Kudos to Blair Williams and his team for putting out a great product and then supporting it. I am extremely happy with Pretty Links and heartily endorse it and its value. (I am using it on over ten sites currently and am very pleased with the results.)

-- Richard Uhnavy,
Anchor Marketing, LLC

I love Pretty Links, I use it to completely manage my website. Without Pretty Links, I would have to manually create complicated PHP files to redirect my customers to different websites. Pretty Links also gives me the advantage of having great reporting, import and export functionality and the peace of mind that it just works! Thanks for the great product.

-- Bill Cherne,
Interior Design Deals

I would like to recommend what I think is the best plugin of the year! I use this plugin everyday on all of my sites and love it. It has simplified things while allowing me to have complete control over branding my own links. My affiliate marketing has gotten much easier. And then there is the added bonus of autoposting to Twitter.

I have used Pretty Links since the very first day it was released a few months back and for the past month and a half have been testing Pretty Links before it was made available to all of you. This is a plugin that solves a big problem that all bloggers face. Once you use it, you will wonder how you got along without it.

I give this plugin two thumbs up, If I had more thumbs I would put them up too. At the vey least give the free version of Pretty Links a try and then upgrade to unlock all of the tools that will make blogging easy.

If you are an affiliate marketer and you have multiple blogs this plugin is a dream come true. There is no other plugin that I have used or have seen that does so much, Pretty Links is in a class all by itself.

I can't wait to see what's going to come next. I know I will be the first in line to try it out.

-- Travis Holzem,

Pretty Links and Pretty Links have helped me further extend my personal brand by using not only my own domain for URL shortening, but also through the use of the PrettyBar. When my readers click through links within my articles they continue to see my branding and have an easy way to return to my site, but also, I get robust click-through tracking as a result.

I recommend this WordPress plugin as a required component to any blogger who desires a larger reach, even when users aren't on their site.

-- Michael Sheehan,

I purchased the Pretty Links too and am very glad I did. There are a lot of useful and timesaving features that make this a great product. I was also using the standard version for several months and i can tell you that the Pretty Links team is very responsive to bugs/requests and posting updates very quickly. I doubt anyone would be disappointed with the Pro purchase…besides it comes with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee!

-- David Boyd