How to Maximize Your Amazon Affiliate Earnings During Prime Day 2024

An Affiliate Marketer’s Guide to Amazon Prime Day_Pretty Links

Prime Day is the online shopping phenomenon that every affiliate marketer should have marked on their calendar. With two days filled with unbeatable deals, this event attracts millions of consumers worldwide, making it a prime opportunity to boost your Amazon affiliate earnings (see what we did there 😂).

This guide will get you geared up for Amazon Prime Day 2024, from crafting compelling content and optimizing your site for search engines to leveraging social media effectively and setting up dedicated landing pages.

Plus, learn how to use the Pretty Links WordPress plugin to transform Amazon affiliate links into clickable calls-to-action shoppers can't resist!

By the end of this post, you'll have all the strategies you need to make Prime Day your most profitable affiliate marketing campaign yet!

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is an annual shopping extravaganza exclusively for Amazon Prime members.

Launched in 2015, the event typically lasts 48 hours and features major price cuts on popular items like electronics, home goods, fashion, and more.

As one of Amazon’s biggest sales celebrations, it competes with the likes of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Amazon's annual Prime Day sale is a great opportunity to increasing your Amazon affiliate earnings
Prepare for Prime Day 2024

Amazon strategically uses Prime Day to encourage shoppers to upgrade to a Prime subscription by offering deals only members can snag.

For affiliate marketers, this opens up even more lucrative opportunities to increase your Amazon affiliate earnings.

You can tap into the increased need for a Prime membership, earning $3 for each referral who signs up for a 30-day free trial. Plus, you can earn commissions on every product sale made through your affiliate links.

With this dual-earning potential, you get a slice of profits from both new subscriptions and product sales. Twice as nice!

When is Amazon Prime Day 2024?

Did you get the email too? Amazon officially announced that Prime Day 2024 will happen on July 16-17.

Amazon announces Prime Day 2024 dates_Pretty Links blog

That means you still have over a week (at time of publishing) to get your campaigns and links lined up and ready to roll for the big day!

How Can Affiliate Marketers Benefit from Amazon Prime Day? 

The benefits of Prime Day are widespread: Amazon sees a spike in Prime memberships, consumers score products at massive discounts, and affiliate marketers can significantly increase their Amazon commissions.

But there are more advantages than just a bigger paycheck.

Explore how you can take full advantage of this event to also draw more traffic, establish your authority, capture a wider audience, and more:

Drive More Traffic to Your Affiliate Site

Prime Day is a magnet for consumers looking for good deals, presenting a huge opportunity to ramp up traffic to your affiliate site

Amazon CloudFront processed a peak of over 500 million HTTP requests per minute last Prime Day, totaling more than 1 trillion HTTP requests throughout the event.Source

That’s a massive number of shoppers actively searching for Prime Day bargains!

By implementing effective SEO strategies, you can channel this flood of potential buyers to your affiliate site. This surge boosts your immediate sales as well as your site’s visibility

Strengthen Your Brand Credibility 

Prime Day is the perfect time to deepen trust and credibility with your audience too. By handpicking the best offers and giving useful advice, you become their trusted shopping advisor.

Prime members saved more than $2.5 billion across millions of deals and getting exclusive access to the lowest prices on Amazon – Source 

This is a big deal – by guiding your audience to the top deals for their wish list items, you're showing just how much value you bring to the table by helping your audience save money.

This level of commitment makes your audience more likely to come back to your site again and again for your recommendations. 

Plus, if they have a great experience, they might even leave positive reviews and recommend you to their friends. This can significantly strengthen your brand’s reputation and set you apart in the crowded affiliate marketing space.

Tap Into a Global Audience

Amazon Prime Day isn't just a national event – it's a global phenomenon that attracts millions of shoppers from every corner of the world. 

More than 200 million Prime members in 25 countries around the world enjoy access to Amazon’s enormous selection, exceptional value, and fast delivery.Source

By promoting Prime Day deals, you can engage shoppers from different parts of the world, extending well beyond your usual audience.

With this global exposure, you can introduce your affiliate offerings to new groups of people who might never have found your site otherwise. 

By tailoring your content and deals to appeal to international shoppers, you can dramatically increase your visibility, drive up your traffic stats, bump up your conversion rates, and maybe even build a loyal customer base that spans the globe.

Give Your Content Strategy a Prime Day Boost

With Prime Day around the corner, there’s never been a better time to update your content strategy. Refresh your blog posts, spice up your social media feeds, and update your email newsletters with timely, Prime Day-specific information.

According to a survey by National Today, 78% of respondents are aware of the Amazon Prime sale and have clear expectations about it. – Source 

This high awareness indicates a ready-to-engage audience looking for Amazon Prime Day-related content. Cater to this demand by providing detailed product reviews, practical shopping tips, and exclusive deals. 

Such content not only holds their attention but also enhances their shopping experience, encouraging them to make purchases through your affiliate links and boost your Amazon affiliate earnings.

By syncing your content strategy with Prime Day, your site stays relevant and performs well during one of the busiest online shopping days of the year.

Increase Your Affiliate Earnings 

Most importantly, Amazon Prime Day is a high-energy, wallet-opening event that affiliate marketers dream about all year. With millions of shoppers flocking to Amazon, eager to snap up the best deals, the potential for boosting your affiliate earnings is enormous.

Let’s break it down with some jaw-dropping numbers from last year:

Prime Day shattered records with Prime members purchasing over 375 million items worldwide. According to Digital Commerce 360, Amazon's sales reached an astounding $12.90 billion.

When you pair these impressive numbers with Amazon's average commission rate, that breaks down to a nifty $1,433.33 earned per affiliate!

. . .

Thinking about how nice an extra $1,500 in your pocket next month would be?

Then it's time to put your affiliate marketing strategies into overdrive, capitalize on the shopping craze, and see substantial growth in your income!

How to Maximize Your Amazon Affiliate Earnings During Prime Day (8 Tips)

Amazon Prime Day 2024 is almost here! Sharpen your affiliate skills with these eight practical tips, crafted to help you boost your performance and commissions.

Tip 1: Focus on High-Demand Products with Attractive Deals

Amazon Prime Day is overflowing with deals, but there's no need to get lost in the flood of discounts. Instead of trying to promote everything under the sun, zero in on products that truly resonate with your audience’s needs and interests.

You can use tools like Google Trends to spot which products are hot in your niche right now. Keyword research tools are also great for diving deeper into what your audience is searching for, giving you a clear idea of what's on their shopping lists.

Screenshot of how to use Google Trends to find in-demand products.

Once you've got a good grasp of what your followers want, it’s time to hunt down the best Prime Day deals on these items. Amazon has already started to release early Prime Day deals, giving you a head start on identifying top bargains.

Increase your Amazon affiliate earnings by promoting the best product deals
Check out 10 early Prime Day deals you can promote right now!

Extra Tip: Focus on products with substantial discounts – they tend to grab more attention.

Don’t forget to check the reviews, too. Aim to recommend products that are not only on sale but also highly rated. Products with positive reviews are more likely to satisfy customers, which means your referrals are more likely to be successful.

By targeting in-demand, well-reviewed products with great discounts, you’ll be delivering exactly what your audience is looking for, which could boost your affiliate earnings this Prime Day.

Tip 2: Prep Your Amazon Prime Day Affiliate Links with Pretty Links 

When you start lining up products for your Prime Day promotions, you'll quickly find yourself juggling a bunch of affiliate links. It can get pretty overwhelming, fast!

“During Prime Day 2022, the top 5% of creators generated on average 76 links per day (2.5x more than their daily average during the rest of the year).” Source

To keep your Amazon Prime Day promotions sharp and ready to roll, it's crucial to have everything organized and optimized.

Pretty Links helps you manage your Amazon affiliate links more effectively, leading to higher Amazon affiliate earnings.

Customize and Shorten Your Links

First impressions matter, and your affiliate links are no exception. However, Amazon affiliate links can be long and cumbersome, which are less likely to convert. 

Bring in Pretty Links to turn those lengthy URLs into something snappy and on-brand, like

Pro Tip: to play by Amazon’s “no cloaking rule” simply add an Amazon-associated tag somewhere in your customized link slug. Similar to the /amzn example below 👇

Shorten and brand your Amazon Prime Day affiliate links with Pretty Links

Create Geographic Redirects

When you're reaching out to shoppers around the world, it's essential to guide them to the right Amazon storefront for their location. This guarantees that everyone can access the products they find in your promotions, no matter where they are.

Pretty Links simplifies this process by enabling Geographic Redirects. For instance, your UK visitors can be directed to a similar product listing on, while those in Canada are sent to

Amazon Geographic Redirect Link examples_Pretty Links

This smart setup streamlines the shopping experience for your audience while enhancing the effectiveness of your affiliate links.

By ensuring visitors land on the appropriate Amazon page, you're more likely to see successful conversions and satisfied international customers.

Organize Your Amazon Affiliate Links 

Keeping track of all your Prime Day affiliate links doesn’t have to be a headache. Pretty Links offers powerful category and tag options to help you organize your links, monitor how they're doing, and update them as needed:

Organize your Amazon affiliate links with categories in the Pretty Links WordPress plugin

With everything in place, you can easily manage your Prime Day promotions, making sure they’re always fresh and performing well. 

Tip 3: Create Fresh Content Around Amazon Prime Day Deals

Once you've nailed down what Amazon products to promote, it's time to unleash your creativity and develop content highlighting these hot offers along with your affiliate links.

Here’s a look at popular content types that can pull in traffic and engage your audience:

Blog Posts:

  • Buying Guides: Tackle common questions and steer readers through their purchase decisions by highlighting what to consider when choosing products.
  • Product Comparisons: Shine a light on the differences and perks of various products, helping your readers pick the one that best suits their needs.
  • In-depth Reviews: Provide honest insights about products, discussing both pros and cons to help build trust and influence buying decisions.
  • Listicles: Whip up quick, catchy lists featuring the best deals, standout product attributes, or must-haves for Prime Day.

Social Media Posts:

  • Take advantage of platforms like Instagram, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), and TikTok to create visually appealing posts, stories, and videos.
  • Include popular hashtags such as #PrimeDay and #AmazonDeals to boost your posts’ visibility.
  • Think about using targeted ads to extend your reach.
  • Go live or host a Q&A session to interact directly with your followers.
  • Encourage your followers to share and tag others to expand your reach and keep them in the loop with the latest deals.

Email Newsletters:

  • Design targeted email campaigns that spotlight the best Prime Day deals.
  • Segment your list to tailor your content based on interests and past purchases, making your messages more relevant and engaging.
  • Schedule your emails strategically to enhance open rates and click-throughs, making sure your deals are seen at the perfect time.

By mixing up your content and really engaging with your audience, you’re helping them make smarter choices and building up your rep as their go-to affiliate marketer.

Tip 4: Optimize Your Existing Content to Include Amazon Prime Day 2024 Finds

In addition to creating new content, it’s a good idea to spruce up your existing copy too.

Start with something easy, like naturally weaving in relevant keywords throughout your text, focusing on terms like “Prime Day deals” and “best Prime Day offers.” This helps your articles rank better on search engines and draws more organic traffic your way.

Most importantly, you want to make sure these refreshed posts include your new Amazon Prime 2024 affiliate links.

But who has the time for that level of manual affiliate link insertion? Not you, that’s for sure! Enter Pretty Links and its lifesaver feature, the Keyword Replacement tool

When you add an Amazon Prime Day link into the Pretty Links WordPress plugin, there’s a neat trick waiting in the Pro tab.

In the Keywords section, you can list any keywords or phrases peppered throughout your posts.

Using our Amazon Fire TV Stick example (the most sold item during Amazon Prime Day 2022), anywhere I mention “Amazon Fire Stick”, “Fire Stick”, or “Fire TV Stick” – Pretty Links will automatically link my affiliate URL to these phrases:

Automatically link your amazon affiliate links to keywords on your site with the Pretty Links Keyword Replacement tool

With a little SEO enhancements and Pretty Links' automated capabilities, you streamline your workflow and open up more avenues to earn through your site’s content this Prime Day.

Tip 5: Create Stunning Visuals that Capture Attention

While your content lays the groundwork, pairing it with compelling visuals can truly make it stand out. Visual content not only attracts more clicks but also boosts conversions. 

Amazon provides a helpful start with its array of professional-grade images for each product. These include options like text links, text and image links, and image-only links to Amazon products. 

You can also leverage Amazon's recognizable Prime Day blue and the iconic “smile” logo, which can save you a ton of design effort and help align your promotions with this globally recognized event.

amazon prime logo

However, don't rely solely on Amazon’s resources. Differentiate yourself by creating your own custom graphics. Tools like Canva make it easy to design everything from vibrant banners to impactful social media posts, even if you're not an experienced designer.

Create brand-matching visuals to visually promote your Amazon Prime Day affiliate links

With Canva, you can craft visuals that resonate with your brand’s unique style and voice.

When you blend these personalized graphics with Amazon’s well-known imagery, you create a powerful visual synergy that can significantly boost your affiliate marketing efforts.

Tip 6: Start Sending Out Teasers 

Teasing Prime Day deals early can build anticipation and lead to higher Amazon affiliate earnings. Share sneak peeks on social media platforms to start the buzz. Drop hints about the hot deals you'll be featuring and create a sense of anticipation.

Post early Prime Day deals and teasers on social media

If you took our advice and set up multiple marketing channels, here’s where you can build on your social media efforts to be even more exciting with personalized email newsletters.

Give your subscribers a taste of what’s to come with early bird tips and exclusive sneak peeks to keep them hooked and looking forward to more.

Send out early Prime Day deals and teasers via email marketing

The goal here is to steer followers where they can find your Amazon Prime Links. Encourage them to bookmark your website or follow your social channels for the latest updates and exclusive deal alerts.

This way, when Prime Day rolls around, your followers are primed to check out your recommendations and click through your affiliate links (whoops, we did it again! 😂)

Tip 7: Build a Prime Day Hub with Dedicated Landing Pages 

Amazon shoppers love the platform for its seamless browsing and shopping experience. Amazon’s winning features include:

  • A Huge Product Selection: Anything and everything from everyday items to rare finds is just a search away.
  • Helpful Reviews: Shoppers can easily make informed decisions thanks to comprehensive customer reviews.
  • Easy Shopping: The user-friendly interface showcases clear product images, detailed pricing, star ratings, recommendation badges, and straightforward add-to-cart options.

Imagine bringing that level of convenience and familiarity right to your WordPress site… That’s exactly the next-level affiliate marketing we wanted to offer our users.

And we did – with Pretty Links Product Displays!

With Pretty Links Product Displays, you can craft a dedicated landing page that acts as a one-stop shop for all your Amazon Prime Day deal picks. This central hub makes it super easy for your visitors to browse and find the best offers without the hassle of flipping through multiple pages.

Create a shoppable landing page on your site with Pretty Links product displays

By creating a page that looks and functions like, you keep your audience engaged on your site while providing them with the shopping experience they love. 

Tip 8: Stay Agile with Real-Time Monitoring

Amazon Prime Day moves at lightning speed, giving you a limited window to jump on the myriad of deals. To make the most of it, you need to keep an eagle eye on your performance metrics and be ready to tweak your strategies in a flash.

Here's how to stay on top of the game:

  • Track Key Metrics: Keep a close watch on clicks, conversions, and user engagement through the Pretty Links dashboard. This immediate feedback will show you which deals are hot and which are not, guiding where to channel your efforts.
  • Be Flexible: Notice a deal starting to pop? Give it the spotlight. Push it across all your marketing channels and watch the engagement grow. Making quick shifts based on what’s trending can really amp up your campaign’s success.
  • Respond Quickly: With Prime Day, there’s no time to dawdle. Stay proactive and adjust your game plan based on the latest data, especially for those deals that are knocking it out of the park.

Tracking key metrics and adjusting your strategy in real-time can significantly enhance your Amazon affiliate earnings during Prime Day.

Prime Day is all about making swift decisions and acting fast, so keep your finger on the pulse and grab every opportunity.


As we countdown to Prime Day 2024, it’s a crucial time for every affiliate marketer to rethink and revitalize their tactics. 

By using the tips in this post, you can fine-tune your strategies to draw more traffic, enhance your brand’s trust, connect with a worldwide audience effectively, and significantly boost your Amazon affiliate earnings.

Now’s also your chance to try out new ideas and creative approaches. Push the boundaries with unique marketing angles and engaging content that grabs and keeps the attention of potential buyers.

Remember, Prime Day success doesn't just come from promoting deals; it's about creating an engaging shopper experience that draws customers in and encourages them to click through your affiliate links.

And if you really want to enhance how you manage your Amazon affiliate links, you’ve got to check out Pretty Links.

This tool is changing the game for affiliate marketers. It helps you shorten those long affiliate URLs, making them easier to share and way more click-friendly during your Prime Day promotions – and that’s just scratching the surface of what Pretty Links can do!

With the right mindset, a bit of prep, and Pretty Links in your toolkit, you can make this Amazon Prime Day a standout moment in your affiliate marketing career.

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