Geographic Redirects

Setting up Geographic Redirects is a great tool that is provided by Pretty Links to allow you to redirect a user based on the country they currently reside in. Geographic Redirects are set up on a per-link basis, so you can accomplish this either when creating a new link or by editing an already existing one. It's very easy to do so, here are a few simple steps to follow:

  1. Click “Add Link” or edit an existing Pretty Links
  2. Open the Pro Options
  3. In the Dynamic Redirection drop down select “Geolocation”
  4. Add countries that you would like to be affected by the redirect
  5. Add the link you would like them to be redirected to
  6. Repeat for different redirects for different country or countries
  7. Create the Pretty Links or click the Update button

Here is an example of what your redirects should like:

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