Trimming Clicks Database

What are Clicks?

Clicks are records of every time your Pretty Links are clicked (assuming you've enabled a method of tracking other than Simple Click Counts). The problem, especially if you've enabled "Normal" or "Extended" tracking methods, is that over time your database gets filled with a LOT of information. This can take up considerable Disk space, and can hurt the performance of your website. This is why Pretty Links offers the ability to trim old Clicks.

Trimming Clicks

To trim Clicks, head to Pretty Links -> Tools -> Trim Clicks and at the bottom of the Tools page, you will see an options for trimming all Clicks. Before trimming Clicks, you may want to export them using the Pretty Links -> Clicks menu. That way you can have a backup of that information in case you want to use Excel or another spreadsheet application to data-mine that information.

Are there other options for Recording Hits?

Yes, in fact there is. If you don't want to put the burden on your database and your website, you can change the tracking method in Pretty Links to "Simple Click Counts" and integrate your links using our Google Analytics option instead. This way you can put the burden on Google's analytics system which is what it was built for.

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