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Inserting Pretty Links in Visual Editor Mode

Inserting Pretty Links via the Visual Editor in your posts and pages is a great feature of the Pretty Links plugin! This is perfect for when you want to add a specific link on a page or post you're writing, or already have written, without opening the PLP plugin. This could save you precious time by not having to create the pretty link in the plugin then putting it into the page or post.

You'll notice that after installing the plugin that the Visual Editor will have this new star icon titled “Insert Pretty Links”:

how to insert Pretty Link in visiual editor

After clicking on the PLP star icon, you will see a popup.

Here you have the option to either create from scratch a new pretty link, as can been seen in the above screen shot, or use an existing one. To use an existing one, click “Use Existing Pretty Links” and then simply search for the pretty link with it's slug, title, or target URL and choose the one you wish to use.

After clicking the blue “Insert New/Existing Pretty Links” your link will be added to the page or post.

added Pretty Link in Visual Editor

Note: Once the link has been added, it can only be edited with the default Link options in the Editor. You will not be able to pull it back up in the Pretty Links window and make changes to it. To do so you would have to remove the link, and then re-insert it if you needed to make any additional changes.

Another cool feature of this is that during the process of typing or editing your posts or pages you can highlight any section of text to make it a pretty link. To do this you'll need to first highlight the text you want to make a link, click the Pretty Links star button, and it will pull in the highlighted text for you. All you have to do next is add in the link info and insert it.

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