Marketing Backed by Your Brand

As an affiliate marketer, you’re a pro at promoting other brands. But that suspicious-looking affiliate link you’re sharing is making readers think twice about the intentions behind your brand. 

Don’t get caught up in the mess of messy affiliate links! Customize them to match your brand. Eliminate doubts and establish yourself as a trusted online shopping companion

Share branded links across all your marketing channels to build a brand image that sticks. 

Easier to Share and Be Shared

Haven’t you heard? Long is out and short is trending! Become the most talked about brand online with easy-to-share short links that spread like wildfire.

No more fussing around when it comes to sharing your links. Post on social media, shoot out an email, even throw a mass group text party. Blast your brand without worrying about character count restrictions or ending up in spam. 

Capture your audience’s attention instantly and make a memorable impression with short links that spark attention with every share. 


Link Smarter, Earn Harder.

Turn ordinary links into extraordinary earners.

Keep Commissions Safe and Protected

Affiliate fraudsters are running rampant these days. Fight back and protect what’s rightfully yours with short links that pack a punch!

Pretty Links provides identity protection fit for a superhero by cloaking affiliate URLs under the cape of a short link. Suit up with an extra layer of security to safeguard your information and online earnings.

Defend your affiliate business against fraudulent activities and lock down your hard-earned commissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

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