How to Craft Engaging Social Media Content for Gen Z in Affiliate Marketing

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If you're not connecting with the younger crowd on social media yet, you're definitely missing out. Teens and young adults don't just use these platforms – they dominate them. And their way of interacting is completely different from other age groups.

Social media is their playground, where they’re always on the lookout for the next big thing. To slide into their feeds, your affiliate product promotions need to match what’s trending. That way you can pitch them as the next thing to go viral.

This means creating social media content for Gen Z that is both engaging and irresistible. Your content should draw them in, and your calls to action (CTAs) should compel them to act. Your goal is to make young consumers feel like they've found something special and simply have to have it.

In this guide, we'll walk you through the various types of social media content that captivates younger audiences and how to design CTAs that generate clicks. We’ll also cover how using Pretty Links can make your affiliate links attractive and trackable, turning every social media post into a potential sale.

How Social Media Influences Gen Z Online Shopping Behaviors

Gen Z and younger audiences practically live on their social feeds. Studies show that teenagers alone typically spend over 4 hours a day on social media, much more than any other age group.

What’s unique about this group isn’t just the amount of time they spend online, but how they use social platforms. For them, social media isn’t just about staying updated; it’s a central part of their daily life and a primary way they find new stuff to buy. 

More than 80% of Gen Z is influenced by social media when it comes to making purchases” – Retail Dive

Unlike older generations who might use Facebook to keep in touch with friends, younger users are all about what's trending and cool, often getting their shopping inspiration from products that pop up on Instagram, TikTok, or Snapchat.

For affiliate marketers, this means crafting campaigns that resonate with Gen Z’s social media habits. You need to pick the right products and create engaging content that gets them to hit “buy”.

What Type of Content Attracts Gen Z on Social Media? (+ Actual Influencer Examples)

While it might seem that young social media users are scrolling through their feeds faster than a flip of a finger, they’re actually on a mission.

They're actively looking for content that aligns with their interests – and won’t stop until they’ve found it.

Let's explore the types of social media content for Gen Z that appeals to younger audiences and how you can use these insights to enhance your social media affiliate marketing strategy.

Capture Attention with Visual Appeal

Nearly 91% of consumers prefer visuals over text, and teens are no exception to this trend. Eye-catching visuals are great for grabbing attention and boosting product promotion, making them a must-have for connecting with the “see-it-got-to-have-it” teen crowd.

  • High-resolution images: Sharp and colorful visuals are a must. They make your products look amazing and let everyone know you’re serious about quality.
  • Memes and GIFs: Who doesn’t love a good laugh? Memes and GIFs are fun, easy to share, and just the right kind of content to click with teens.

Matt Halfhill (@matthalfhill), content creator and founder of Nice Kicks, knows how to snap photos that kickstart engagement. He consistently promotes hot sneaker releases with his signature #todayskicks shoe photos:

Matt Halfil's shares product recommendations by posting visual Social Media Content for Gen Z on Instagram

These casual, yet high-quality images showcase the latest sneaker trends and connect with his audience by capturing the essence of sneaker culture in a visually appealing and relatable way.

Boost Engagement with Interactive Content

Teens are drawn to interactive content that pulls them into the action, turning their experience from just watching or reading into participating and shaping the outcome.

For affiliate marketers, this means a greater chance of turning interest into actions (like clicks and purchases), driving both engagement and conversion rates.

  • Polls and Quizzes: Personality quizzes and trend polls are a hit with teens, entertaining them and often sparking lively discussions in the comments.
  • Swipe Features: The “Swipe” option (like on Instagram and TikTok) takes interactivity to the next level. This feature allows teens to dive deeper into your content, respond to calls-to-action, or even make link in bio purchases directly from their feed – all with a single swipe.
  • Live Streams and Q&A Sessions: Live streaming and real-time Q&A sessions provide a direct line of communication between creators and viewers. Teens can engage in the moment, ask questions, and offer feedback, making these formats highly interactive and personal.

Kate (@heysweetkay) is a “swipe” right on interactive content. She shares all sorts of cool Amazon finds, from Stanley Cup Finds to Beauty Favorites, with quick, fun videos on TikTok.

When users swipe to see her profile, they'll find her link in bio, which points to her Amazon Associates storefront. Doing so, she earns commissions off every purchase made:

heysweetkay includes an Instagram link in bio that points to her Amazon Affiliate storefront

Kate's engaging content and interactive approach entertain her audience while driving traffic and sales through her affiliate links, showcasing the power of interactive content in affiliate marketing.

Add Value with Educational Content

Educational content is gaining traction among teens on social media as they seek valuable information in their feeds.

  • “How-to” Videos: Quick tutorials let teens learn something new at their own pace, whether they're into beauty tips, tech stuff, or crafting projects.
  • Infographics: Infographics are great for breaking down complex information into easy-to-understand pieces. On visually-driven platforms like Pinterest, well-designed infographics can quickly communicate detailed concepts.

Beauty influencer, Gabrielle Meloff (@GabrielleMeloff), has a flawless approach to creating video content. She shares hundreds of tutorial videos and product demos across all her social platforms.

Her YouTube channel, in particular, gets loads of engagement from young female audiences who can easily find and purchase beauty products from her video descriptions:

Gabrielle Meloff shares product recommendations by posting how-to tutorials on YouTube, a perfect example of Social Media Content for Gen Z

Gabrielle's content teaches viewers the latest trends and skin care techniques while driving sales through her affiliate links, showing how educational content can be both valuable and profitable.

Build Trust with Authentic Content

When it comes to connecting with younger audiences on social media, authenticity really matters. Teens value content that feels genuine and they're quick to spot anything that feels off.

  • Share Your True Self: Bring real-life stories and emotions into your posts. Whether it's through laid-back language, a little humor, or just being openly honest, showing your true colors builds trust and deepens your connection with young followers.
  • Behind-the-Scenes and User Content: Showing what goes on behind the scenes or celebrating what your followers are creating lets them see the real you. It proves you're not just another brand; you're part of the community and you value their input.
  • Real Reviews and Testimonials: Nothing speaks louder than honest feedback. Showcasing that real people, who are just like them, trust and love your brand can make a huge difference in how they view and connect with you.

YouTube sensation James Stephen “Jimmy” Donaldson (better known by his online alias @MrBeast), dares to be authentic in every way. Known for his extreme stunts and philanthropic challenges, he likes to promote affiliate products in unique ways.

For instance, throughout a 20-minute video, his audience gets an inside look at how he handles solitary confinement while naturally integrating an affiliate product promotion:

YouTube sensation MrBeast dares to be real and authentic in his social media content for Gen Z

Jimmy's approach shows that staying true to yourself and your audience can make affiliate marketing feel seamless and authentic.

How to Craft Social Media Content for Gen Z that Generates Clicks

Now that you’ve got a handle on the types of social media content for Gen Z that grab attention, it’s time to pair that with a call-to-action (CTA) that gets them clicking.

A CTA is your way of nudging your audience to do something specific, like clicking a link, signing up for your newsletter, or snagging a cool new product. 

Adding a CTA to a text post isn't quite the same as incorporating one into a video. Here are some tailored tips for each format.

Tips for Social Media Posts:

  • Keep it Short and Sweet: Given the limited space and short attention spans on social media, use concise and compelling language that captures attention quickly.
  • Use Emojis Wisely: Emojis are great for drawing the eye and helping your CTA stand out. Use them strategically to enhance your message without cluttering it.
  • Leverage Hashtags: Utilize relevant hashtags on platforms like Twitter and Instagram to broaden your post’s reach and add appeal to your CTA.
  • Direct Engagement: Promote actions like “Tag a friend,” “Share your thoughts,” or “Swipe up to learn more.” This fosters engagement and increases interaction.

Tips for Video CTAs:

  • Verbally and Visually: Make sure your CTA is stated both verbally and with on-screen text to ensure it captures the attention of both viewers and listeners.
  • Timing is Key: Position your CTA towards the end of the video after providing valuable content, but consider a teaser at the start to keep viewers engaged.
  • Keep it Centered: Place your CTA centrally or in the lower third of the screen to ensure visibility without blocking the main content.
  • Make it Action-Oriented: Use clear commands like “Watch now,” “Click the link in the description,” or “Visit our profile” to direct viewers exactly where you want them to go.
  • Use Annotations or Cards: If supported by the platform (like YouTube), incorporate interactive annotations or cards to make your CTAs directly clickable within the video. 

How Pretty Links Can Drive More Affiliate Sales with Effective Social Media CTAs

Finally, let's explore how Pretty Links can elevate those CTAs, making them even more clickable and effective. 

Pretty Links is an invaluable tool that not only enhances the visual appeal of your links but also increases their functionality, ensuring they are irresistibly engaging.

  1. Shorten and Brand Affiliate Links: Sorten long, cumbersome affiliate URLs into neat, concise links that are more visually appealing. You can also customize links to include your brand name, making them instantly recognizable. This simplicity makes your links more attractive and easier to share, increasing the chances of your content going viral.
  2. Categorize Links for Better Campaign Organization: Organizing your links by campaign helps you keep track of their performance and effectiveness. This makes it easier to monitor which promotions resonate most with your audience and adjust your strategy accordingly.
  3. Track Affiliate Link Performance: Track how many clicks each link gets, where they’re coming from, and what devices are being used. This data helps you understand which CTAs are hitting the mark and which ones need tweaking. With these insights, you can continuously refine your strategy to maximize engagement and conversions.


By shortening, branding, sharing, customizing, and tracking your links, you make it easy for your young audience to engage and take action. Combine these optimized links with your killer CTAs, and you'll turn casual scrollers into active clickers, boosting your social media success.


To truly succeed in affiliate marketing with Gen Z, it’s essential to understand and tap into their social media habits. Teens and young adults live and breathe social media, and their engagement drives trends. By aligning your products with their interests and presenting them in a compelling way, you can capture their attention and drive action.

Creating engaging social media content for Gen Z is only half the battle. Effective CTAs and smart tools like Pretty Links can transform your strategy.

Pretty Links helps you create short, branded, and shareable links that not only look good but also perform well. Customized links for campaigns and detailed tracking provide insights that keep you ahead of trends.

By leveraging these strategies, you make it easy for your audience to engage, share, and take action. Combine these optimized links with engaging CTAs, and you'll turn casual scrollers into active participants, boosting your affiliate sales and growing your social media impact. 

Which social media platforms have you found to be the most lucrative for affiliate marketing? Share your answers in the comments! 

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