Pretty Links makes it easier to manage your links


Whether you’re a blogger, social maven, or affiliate marketer, managing your links is challenging.

In the past, your choices for link management have been to either give up all control over your links to a third party link shrinking service, roll out your own PHP script, or use Apache directives to hack together URL redirects.

Using a third party service and rolling out your own URL redirection software both have serious drawbacks. Using a third party can hurt your credibility. There's also no guarantee you’ll always have access to your links. Rolling out your own solution requires technical know-how, is time-consuming and tough to manage, and is difficult to track.

Managing your social links, URL redirects, affiliate links, and QR codes is much easier with Pretty Links. It's a link shortener and manager and QR code generator WordPress plugin, so all you have to do is upload and activate it, and you’ll be able to create links using your website instantly. It combines the ease of use of a third party solution with the power of a custom solution – Pretty Links makes it simple for you to shorten, cloak, track, and share your links.

Mission Control for your links

Successful bloggers and affiliate marketers share their links all over the place – in blogs and email campaigns, on Twitter and Facebook, and any other place you can imagine. So, doesn't it make sense that there should be some central place to manage all these links?

Pretty Links is that place. It gives you easy access to your URL redirects, social media links, and affiliate links, and any other kind of link you want – right from your WordPress website’s admin interface. And it uses your domain name, so you have complete control over how your links look and redirect.

You can also group, sort, search, and track clicks for your links.

With Pretty Links, you always have a finger on the pulse of your marketing efforts… you know how all your links are doing in real time.


The multi-tool of URL redirection

There's a ton of ways to redirect links depending on what you want to do.

And Pretty Links gives you all kinds of options in this department.

Of course Pretty Links allows you to do traditional, server-side URL redirects, including 301 redirects (permanent) and 302/307 redirects (temporary).

But in some cases you may need to use more advanced forms of redirection – things like JavaScript-based, Meta-Refresh, and Framed Cloak Redirection. Pretty Links makes it super simple to use any of these redirection techniques.

Pretty Links also offers additional, powerful ways to use your links. For example, you can use your links as tracking pixels to track conversions, email opens, or anything else you want.


Put your marketing on auto-pilot

Blogging, affiliate marketing, and staying active on social media can be very time-consuming. You have to write blog posts, tweet almost non-stop, curate information, write email campaigns… ugh!

And in the midst of all this writing, you have to remember to include your links using the right keywords and density.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could automate some of this work?

With Pretty Links you can! It's one of the best affiliate marketing tools out there, with time-saving features that automate much of your content strategy… so you can focus on writing content.


Pretty Links creates short links for all your pages and posts automatically. It can also automatically tweet a customized message to as many Twitter accounts as you want when a post is published.

Not only that, Pretty Links adds relevant links to your blog posts automatically. When you create links, you can specify any number of keywords (or key phrases) you’d like the link to appear with. Then, Pretty Links analyzes all the content on your website and replaces these keywords with links.

This keyword replacement feature works on new and existing pages and posts. You have complete control over what links show up for what keywords, how many can be replaced per post, how these links appear, and where they're replaced.

Pretty Links also has many other creative tools to help your business – features like auto rotating links (one pretty link can redirect to up to five different target URLs), split testing, link importing and exporting, and QR code creation.

Powerful Product Displays

Transform plain ol’ text links into captivating showcases with the Pretty Links Product Display Add-On!

Create visually stunning displays that will leave your audience in awe. These eye-catching showcases not only capture attention but also take user experience to new heights, resulting in increased engagement and higher conversion rates.

Plus, with the power to customize and infuse your brand's style, your displays will seamlessly blend in with your website, creating a cohesive and professional look.

Stand out from the competition and make a lasting impression on your audience with breathtaking product displays that deliver tangible results.

Pretty Links Product Display Add-on

Broken links are bad for business. They ruin the user experience and run your search engine rank into the ground.  But removing them from your website is easier said than done not to mention, next to impossible if you try to do it all on your own. 

Link Health scans your WordPress website and alerts you on any broken links found  automatically! That way you can doctor them up in a jiffy and get them converting again.

Get timely updates and super support

We’re serious about keeping Pretty Links running like a sewing machine.

That's why we make sure it always works with the latest release of WordPress and that any bugs are fixed right away. We keep it secure and optimized for performance, and we add new features all the time. We roll out regular updates and make sure you get your money’s worth.

Also, because we offer premium support for Pretty Links, you're never left in the lurch if you run into problems. We provide lots of training resources to help you get the most out of Pretty Links, and we have a dedicated support team that's ready to help when you need it.