How to Monetize Your Mommy Blog (12 Affiliate Programs for Moms)

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Being a stay-at-home mom blogger means you're always juggling family life with your passion for writing. Nurturing your kids on one hand and pouring your heart into your blog on the other. It’s a mix of chaos and love.

But when blog earnings are slim, it can add a layer of stress to your already bustling life.

That's where affiliate marketing comes swooping in like a super nanny – who pays you! It might not make you rich overnight. But with a bit of persistence, patience, and strategic planning, it can turn into a sweet side hustle that helps support your family.

In this article, we’re going to introduce affiliate marketing and why it’s a smart choice for mommy bloggers looking to earn more without sacrificing precious time with your kids.

Then we'll spotlight 12 affiliate programs that just get mom life. These are brands you're probably already using (and loving). So you'll feel super comfortable recommending them to your fellow mommy followers.

High Earnings from Home: Why Affiliate Marketing Works for Stay-At-Home Moms

If your blog has become a trusted source for parenting advice, it's time to let that hard-earned credibility boost your bank account.

Affiliate marketing transforms your blog from a platform for reading stories and sharing tips into a profitable space.

Here’s how it works: by promoting products you believe in, you earn a commission every time your readers make a purchase through your links.

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All you need is your trusty laptop and steady internet connection. And suddenly, your writing becomes more than a hobby –  it's financial independence. And on a schedule that flexes around family time.

Child playing on bed while parent works on computer
Make your kid's favorite space your office space too!

It's an empowering move for stay-at-home moms who want to keep family first without sidelining their career goals. Affiliate marketing lets you be your own boss and never miss a beat in your kids' lives.

12 Affiliate Marketing Programs for Moms

Quick! Grab that toy lying next to you. Now do a quick search to see if the company offers an affiliate program. Chances are, most of what’s in your toy room came from a brand that's ready to partner with bloggers like you through their affiliate program.

brand affiliate program search example

For those of you who are looking at a toy that’s been loved beyond the point of brand recognition, don't worry – we've got your back!

Here’s a list of the biggest names in the baby and children’s industry. All offer affiliate programs you can sign up for today. They've got all sorts of things your blog could talk about – from the coolest baby gadgets and fun educational toys to nifty organization hacks and must-have craft supplies.

Get to scrolling to find your perfect product match and start sharing your favorite finds with your readers!

1. ergobaby

Ergobaby, founded in 2003 by Karin Frost – a mom on a mission to save tired arms everywhere – has transformed the baby-carrying scene with its ergonomic designs and innovative products. 

ergobaby homepage

Their lineup is every parent’s dream, featuring not just their renowned baby carriers, but also swaddlers, nursing pillows, and strollers designed for ultimate comfort and support. Their babywear collection allows for carrying your baby in comfort, thanks to thoughtful designs and built-in lumbar support for your back.

Ergobaby's products are about more than convenience; they're crafted to strengthen the bond between parent and child.

Affiliate Program Details:

  • Network: Share A Sale
  • Commissions: Starts at 4%

2. The Spoiled Mama

The Spoiled Mama has carved out a special niche in the beauty and skincare market, specifically targeting new and expectant mothers. This brand offers a luxurious array of products tailored to meet the distinct needs of women during pregnancy and the postpartum period. 

The Spoiled Mama homepage

Their lineup boasts everything from belly butters and stretch mark creams to nipple balms and pregnancy-safe scrubs, all made from natural and organic ingredients.

Beyond merely providing solutions for skincare issues, their products are designed to help women navigate the journey of motherhood with confidence and ease.

Affiliate Program Details:

  • Network: Company Owned
  • Commission Rate: 10%

3. Green Kids Crafts

Green Kid Crafts founded by environmental scientist and mom Penny Bauder in 2010, creatively combines eco-consciousness with educational fun. 

Green Kids Crafts homepage

This innovative company is all about sparking young minds' curiosity in science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) through hands-on activities and crafts. 

With a variety of subscription boxes and individual kits, Green Kid Crafts uses eco-friendly and sustainable materials, like non-toxic and recycled items, to ensure a safe, environmentally friendly playtime for kids.

Green Kid Crafts stands out for its commitment to experiential learning, making it a hit among parents and educators who want to nurture a love for STEAM subjects while also instilling a sense of environmental responsibility.

Affiliate Program Details:

  • Network: Share A Sale
  • Commission Rate: 15%

Parents can subscribe to monthly Green Kid Crafts deliveries or select individually themed boxes whenever curiosity strikes. Highlight these awesome box options on your affiliate site with Pretty Links Product Displays.

This tactic has your readers spending more time on your site, hooked by the exclusive shopping experience you've built right there in your blog article.

4. Nuby

Nuby has been a trusty sidekick for parents since the '70s, offering up clever, cost-effective gadgets for babies and toddlers. 

Nuby homepage

Their wide range of products hits all the parenting sweet spots, from baby bottles and sippy cups to pacifiers, ensuring you're well-equipped for the early years.

Where Nuby really steals the show is in the teething arena. They’ve got a knack for turning frowns upside down with their teething toys, becoming a lifeline for parents battling the drool and discomfort that comes with those new pearly whites.

Affiliate Program Details:

  • Network: Awin
  • Commission Rate: 3-5%

5. Honest

The Honest Company simplifies the search for safe, eco-conscious products for your entire family. With a foundation built on transparency, Honest curates a broad range of items for babies, beauty buffs, and those in pursuit of a clean home.

Honest homepage

For the littlest members of the family, Honest's diapers are a standout, offering high absorbency wrapped in charming designs. The skincare selection shines with its use of natural ingredients, ensuring gentle skin care without harsh additives. And the household cleaners strike the perfect balance between being tough on dirt and gentle on the planet, keeping your home spotless and safe.

Recommending Honest products means endorsing a brand that's committed to effectiveness, kindness to the skin, and environmental responsibility.

Affiliate Program Details:

  • Network: Rakuten 

6. SnoofyBee

SnoofyBee is tackling the diaper-changing challenge with its innovative solutions designed to make the messiest of parenting duties –  do I dare say –  an enjoyable experience.

SnoofyBee homepage

Leading their product line is the Clean Hands Changing Pad, a smart design that keeps curious little hands away from the disaster “down there“. It also doubles as an engaging playmat, decked out in dazzling designs that'll keep your little one's eyes glued while you swiftly tackle the task.

In addition to the changing pad, SnoofyBee offers a collection of baby essentials, such as bibs and travel bags. Each product is crafted to lighten the parenting load while injecting fun into daily routines.

Affiliate Program Details:

  • Network: Share A Sale

An enjoyable diaper-changing experience? That’s something your readers will have to see to believe! 

Next time you’re on diaper duty, set up your tripod and record the magic happening. Once your followers see the difference this product makes, drop a shorter, branded version of your affiliate link in the video description. Your audience will be clicking to buy before the video's even over!

7. serves as a lifeline for busy families, providing an accessible and professional platform to find reliable care. homepage

Whether you're searching for a dependable nanny, a caring individual for elderly family members, or a pet sitter, bridges the gap between you and a host of qualified professionals.

The standout feature of isn't only its vast network of caregivers but the extra layer of confidence it offers. With comprehensive profiles, thorough background checks, and insightful user reviews, making an informed decision for your family becomes straightforward. presents a unique opportunity for affiliate marketers. Promoting this platform not only connects your audience with a valuable service but also supports families in managing their care needs efficiently.

Affiliate Program Details:

  • Network: Impact
  • Commission Rate: Varies by action or traffic source.

8. momAgenda

MomAgenda is the pen-and-paper sidekick every mom needs to tackle the chaos of family life with grace and style. Born from a mom's desire to blend functionality with elegance, MomAgenda offers a range of planners and organizational tools that are a game-changer for busy moms everywhere. 

momAgenda homeapge

These aren't your average planners; they're thoughtfully designed in various sizes and colors to tackle the wild ride of pediatrician appointments, soccer matches, meal prep, even those rare moments of mom-time. 

With MomAgenda, organizing a hectic lifestyle suddenly feels like indulging in a little self-care.

Affiliate Program Details:

  • Network: Share A Sale
  • Commission Rate: 10%

9. Carter's

Carter's has been outfitting kids since 1865, making it a go-to spot for parents who want cute, quality clothes without breaking the bank. 

Carter's homepage

Known for a wide selection that covers everything from super-soft onesies and cozy pajamas to fun, everyday outfits, Carter's has your little ones covered for just about any occasion.

Carter's also keeps those special moments in mind, with dressier options to make sure your kids are looking sharp when it counts. And rounding out the wardrobe with shoes and accessories too, so you can tick off your whole shopping list in one go.

Carter's is all about making clothes that last, keeping pace with your child's growth and active lifestyle, all while keeping things affordable.

Affiliate Program Details:

  • Network: Impact 
  • Commission Rate: Up to 15%

What's really cool about Carter's is, it's part of a trio under the William Carter Company umbrella, alongside two other flagship brands: OshKosh and Skip Hop. This means you've got triple the options in children's clothing to showcase and recommend to your audience.

It's all fun and games until you mix up a link, sending folks from a cute pair of Carter's booties to OshKosh overalls. Oops!

This is where Pretty Links steps in, offering a solution as organized as a mom meticulously preparing her nursery way ahead of time. With its slick categories and tags, you can sort your affiliate links just like you're sorting baby clothes into their right drawers, making sure everything's in its perfect place.

10. Frecklebox

Frecklebox brings a splash of creativity to the world of children's gifts, transforming everyday items into personalized treasures that spark joy in kids. With a vibrant array of customizable products, Frecklebox turns ordinary moments into magical ones. 

Frecklebox homepage

Imagine storybooks where your child is the hero, lunch boxes emblazoned with their name for a personal touch at mealtime, stickers that make their belongings uniquely theirs, and coloring books designed for them to color their own world.

For parents, relatives, and friends looking to gift something truly special, Frecklebox offers an effortless way to create presents that kids will adore and remember.

More than just the items themselves, it's about the joy, laughter, and stories that unfold when kids see themselves in their very own personalized gear.

Affiliate Program Details:

  • Network: Share a Sale

11. Safety 1st

Safety 1st stands out for its unwavering commitment to keeping kids safe, offering everything from the original “Baby on Board” sign to an extensive lineup of childproofing essentials, car seats, strollers, and high chairs.

Safety 1st homepage

They've grown from that one iconic sign to a full array of products aimed at safeguarding children, whether at home or on the move. With a focus on combining cutting-edge technology with user-friendly designs, Safety 1st makes child safety both effective and hassle-free.

Whether highlighting their home safety locks or showcasing the comfort and durability of their strollers, partnering with Safety 1st allows you to align with a brand that prioritizes child well-being above all. 

It's a chance to connect your audience with products that offer peace of mind, making it a rewarding aspect of your affiliate marketing portfolio.

Affiliate Program Details:

  • Network: Rakuten 
  • Commission Rate: 5%

You probably find yourself writing about “safety” a ton on your blog, right? Maybe you’ve covered topics like:

  • “Finding a car seat that combines comfort with the utmost safety standards has been a top priority for me as a new mom.”
  • “When it comes to baby-proofing your home, choosing the right safety gates can make all the difference in creating a secure environment.”
  • “Exploring the great outdoors with your kids can be a wonderful experience, provided you take the necessary safety precautions.”
  • “Cooking with your kids is a fun way to bond, as long as you follow some basic kitchen safety tips to keep everyone safe.”
  • “Choosing a safe and gentle laundry detergent is crucial for washing your baby's clothes and keeping their sensitive skin protected.”

It's safe to say, that “safety” is a hot topic, not to mention SEO gold, in the parenting blogosphere. Well, Pretty Links can help you cash in on that!

With the Keyword Replacement tool, you can link words or phrases straight to affiliate products that match up:

Just set it up once, and Pretty Links does its thing, adding those links to your content, old and new. So every “safety” mention throughout your site boosts your SEO and potentially lines your pockets.

12. Amazon Associates

Amazon stands as a top choice for online baby registries, making it a valuable platform for mommy bloggers using the Amazon Associates affiliate program. Many parents already rely on Amazon for setting up registries and finding essentials for their little ones, which means they trust and feel comfortable shopping there.

For bloggers, this trust translates into a smoother process when recommending products. Whether it’s the latest in baby gear like strollers and car seats, or educational toys and books for growing minds, bloggers can easily guide their followers to these trusted picks.

Amazon's “Toys, Kids & Baby” category further simplifies the task of finding and promoting the right products. This streamlined convenience, combined with Amazon's reputation, makes it straightforward for bloggers to connect their audience with reliable and familiar choices.

Amazon Toys and Games shopping page

With virtually everything a mommy blogger might need in one place, you may find there’s no need to navigate multiple affiliate programs.

Affiliate Program Details:

  • Network: Company-Owned
  • Commission Rate: 4-20%


From the comfort of home, where the lines between storytime and screen time blur, stay-at-home mom bloggers are finding a sweet spot in work-life balance through affiliate marketing.

By teaming up with beloved brands that stock toy rooms, make bath time fun, and are baby shower favorites, you get to share your love for must-have gear, toys, and essentials.

The best part? Now your blog posts come with a paycheck!

We've touched on a dozen different affiliate programs that are just waiting for a shoutout from your brand:

  1. Ergo Baby: For snug baby hugs
  2. The Spoiled Mama: Because moms deserve pampering too
  3. Green Kid Crafts: Unleashing kiddos' inner Einstein
  4. Nuby: For those terrible teething times
  5. The Honest Company: Keeping it clean and green
  6. SnoofyBee: Change diapers without the wriggles
  7. Help mommas find their Mary Poppins
  8. momAgenda: Organize chaotic mom life in style
  9. Carter's: Dress them up cute from the start
  10. Frecklebox: Personalized fun for the little ones
  11. Safety 1st: Because parents have enough to worry about
  12. Amazon Associates: Your reader's one-stop-shop for, well, everything!

Don't Forget: Affiliate marketing isn't just about pocketing extra cash every month. It's more about sharing products and services you really love, the things that make mom life a little smoother, and hooking your readers up with the same awesome finds.

Got a parenting hack with one of these brands that you're itching to share? Let's go over your affiliate marketing business plan in the comment section below.

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