Technology Redirects

This is a powerful feature that will allow you to setup redirect for your Pretty Links based on the visitor's device, operating system and/or browser when they click on your Pretty Links. To enable this option, go to the Pro Options when creating or editing a Pretty Links and with the ‘Dynamic Redirection' drop down, select ‘Technology,' and then, ‘Add'. This will then open up a variety of options that can be customized to allow for up to 350 different redirect criteria! Here are your options:

Device – The options you are given here include: Any, Desktop (includes desktops and laptops), Mobile (includes any phone, tablet, or other portable device), phone, and Tablet.

Operating System – The options you are given here include: Any, Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Browser – The options you are given here include: Any, Amazon Silk, Android, Chrome, Chromium, Coast, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari.

URL – Finally, use this option to enter in the URL you would like to send users to when your above requirements for the link are met. If the users technology does not match what you have set for this redirect, they will simply be sent to the target URL you have specified for the Pretty Links.

Repeat as Needed – As was mentioned above, there are potentially 300 different combinations you could set here. By clicking the ‘Add' link at the bottom of the page you can add as many different combinations, with different target URL's as you need. If you create a redirect you don't want, you can always delete it by clicking the remove link found at the bottom of each individual technology redirect here.

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