Public Link Creation

Public Link Creation, means that you can turn your WordPress site into a URL shortening service like You can enable this option in your Pretty Links Options > Public tab and it allows your users to be able to enter a URL into the Widget or Page you've designated as the URL shortening location, and Pretty Links will shorten their URL using your domain. Say you owned the domain and a user came to your site and shortened They would be given a Pretty Links like which they could then use to share with the world.

Enabling this option will allow you to use the provided widget somewhere in your theme, which displays a simple form for others to use. If you would rather use a page or post instead of a widget, you can paste the [prli_create_form] shortcode anywhere on a post or page to have the Public Link Creation form show up there instead.

Typically after someone creates a link it is shown to them near the top of the Public Link Creation Form after they create it. If you would rather have them be taken to a page or post instead, you can do so by enabling this feature, and pasting the URL to that page in the text field. Also, on that page or post you will need to paste the following shortcode: [prli_create_display]

Note: Users are not able to keep track of the links they have created, nor see reporting on them.

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