After upgrading to Pretty Links, you'll notice three new tools become available in the Tools Menu.

Trim Clicks

This feature will allow you to now delete any clicks that are found in your database, either clicks that are older than 30 or 90 days old. If you'd like to learn more about Clicks, you can do so here. Frequently clearing your clicks is a good thing to get in the habit of to ensure that your site stays at peak performance. However, our Auto-Trim Clicks feature will take the work out of it for you by automatically deleting any click data older than 90 days. NOTE: both of the features mentioned here will permanently delete your click data and it is not undo-able.

End Point URL

The endpoint URL feature can be used to generate a Pretty Links for use in other applications. It was designed for Power TweetDeck user's but can be used by any developer looking to pass the plugin a target URL and retrieve a Pretty Links in return. This is an advanced feature and should only be used if you know what an End Point URL is.


Custom Bookmarklet Pro

This is similar to the Bookmarklet provided in Pretty Links Lite, however it is customizable, and you can use an unlimited number of them. Let's say you want a bookmarklet that creates 307 type Pretty Links, and another that creates Cloak type Pretty Links. Well with the Custom Bookmarklet Pro you can. Just configure the options how you want and then drag the "Get PrettyLink" link to your browsers bookmark toolbar.

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