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Pretty Links for Posts, Pages, and CPT’s

Creating Pretty Links for your Posts, Pages, and CPT's is a great way to share them. Why not just share links directly to the content without using Pretty Links? A few reasons actually:

  1. Pretty Links are typically shorter, and take up less space in a tweet or Facebook post.
  2. Using Pretty Links enables you to track the hits/traffic the links are generating.
  3. It allows you to take advantage of Auto tweeting new published posts, pages, and CPT's and enables the Social Buttons Bar provided with Pretty Links.

No! It doesn't mess with your site's default structure or permalinks at all. Your pages, posts, and CPT's will all still load from their normal URL's. It simply creates short Pretty Links for each of your posts, pages and/or CPT's, so you can use those links in your advertising, sharing, and/or analytics.

Assigning Categories

It is recommended to assign a category to these links to help you better keep them organized. You can see an example using the “Posts” Category for Posts in the image below:

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