Default Link Options

All of the Default Link Options will be used automatically when new pretty links are created. These options can always be changed on a per-link basis though. Below is the list of default link options, and a brief description of what they do:

Redirection Types:

The default redirection method to use on pretty links. To better understand the various redirect types that Pretty Links offers please reference this page in our user manual.

Enable Tracking:

If you would like for all of your new links to have clicks tracked by default, then enable this option.

Enable No follow:

Enable this option to have all of your new pretty links set the nofollow attribute on themselves. This means that your new links will ask search engine's and other bots to not follow your links. Pretty Links sets the nofollow attribute in the HTTP request header, so it does not have to be in the HTML <a> tag, though putting rel=”nofollow” in your <a> tag when pasting the link may help to ensure the robot never visits the URL at all.

Enable this option if you have parts of your permalink structure that must be present in all of your links in order for them to work. For example some WordPress installs don't offer full rewrite capabilites and in this case you'd need an index.php added to each link ( instead of If this is the case then you'll want to check this, but most will want to leave this unchecked. This is common with Windows IIS hosting setups.

Base Slug Prefix:

Use this to add a directory prefix to all your newly created links. For example add out to create Entering, or even changing the prefix here will NOT affect any of your already existing links. Please note that Pretty Links will modify the text you enter here to be URL safe. So if you enter “Hello World” it may appear instead as “hello-world”.

Slug Character Count:

Enter in a number to determine the default number of characters for your auto-generated slugs. The number defaults to four and cannot be less than two. This count does NOT include the Base Slug Prefix above.

Enable QR Codes:

Enabling this will create a link in your Pretty Links admin that will allow you to download QR Codes for any of your links.

Global Head Scripts:

Here you can enter in any HTML head scripts you need on all of your links. Things like Google Analytics tracking, Facebook Re-targeting pixels, or even Open Graph Meta tags. You can read more about adding scripts to your links or the use of Open Graph Meta tags.

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