Reporting Options

Pretty Links offers a couple of reporting options that will allow you to customize how your overall reports work in the plugin. Here is a list of these features:

Tracking Style

This feature allows you to edit the style of tracking that you will use on your site. Changing your tracking style can affect the accuracy of your existing statistics. The three options that you have are:

  1. Normal Tracking – No changes made to the normal tracking.
  2. Extended Tracking – Provides more stats, but leads to slower performance. NOTE: You have to enable this method of tracking if you plan to use Conversion Reporting.
  3. Simple Click Count Tracking – Less stats, but leads to faster performance. We recommend this if your hosting plan is very simply.
Excluded IP Addresses

If you have any specific IP addresses that you would like to exclude from your click data and stats you can use this feature. This may be helpful to exclude your own IP address (which we conveniently shown you in the info bubble on the page). Each IP Address should be separated by commas. For example:,, or 192.168.*.*

Auto-Trim Clicks

This powerful and useful feature will automatically delete all clicks older than 90 days. We strongly recommend doing this to keep your database performance at its peak. NOTE: this will permanently delete the click data older than 90 days, and is not undo-able.

Filter Robots

This is a recommended feature to enable. This feature will filter known Robots and unidentifiable browser clients from your click data, stats and reports. It works best if the Tracking Style (mentioned above) is set to ‘Extended Tracking'.

Whitelist IP Addresses

If you need to ensure that certain IP addresses or IP ranges are always included in your click data and stats even if they are flagged as robots you can use this feature. Each IP Address should be separated by commas. For example:,, or 192.168.*.*

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