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I save a Link but it doesn’t show up in the list?

If this is happening to you, chances are Pretty Links did not setup properly in your database. Please try the following to correct the issue before opening a support request.

  • De-activate, and delete the plugin. Then re-install a fresh copy and Activate.
  • Try trimming old Hits – Pretty Links -> Tools -> Trim Clicks tab.

Note: If your hits database grows too large it can cause strange things like this to happen.

  • De-activate Pretty Links, then using a Tool like PhpMyAdmin, browse to your WordPress database and run the following query. When the query is executed find and delete these two rows “prli_db_version” and “prlipro_db_version”. Then re-activate the plugin, and try creating a new link. This will force Pretty Links to re-attempt initializing the database.
SELECT * FROM wp_options WHERE option_name LIKE '%pr%';

If none of the above work, please open a support request.

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