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Pretty Links’s .zip file – potentially dangerous?

We have had reports that a file included in Pretty Links has recently been showing as “potentially dangerous” by some virus scanners. These reports are false positives, and you can safely download and install the plugin without worry.

The reason for the false positive is a file we include from http://browscap.org/. This simple text file helps Pretty Links identify which hits on your site come from bots (both good and bad) so we can filter them out of your clicks tracking. Because this file lists the names (user-agents) of a handful of “bad” bots, it is falsely seen by some virus scanners as potentially dangerous.

Is there anything you need to do about it? No, Pretty Links's .ZIP file is absolutely safe — we take security very serious and would never compromise our customer's trust. We are working with the support teams for many of these scanners (including Google Chrome's download manager) to see what needs to be done to correct the false positives.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact our awesome support team!

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