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Why Upgrade From Pretty Links Lite?

If you are wondering if you should upgrade from our Lite (free) version of Pretty Links to our paid version, here are some of the most frequently used features that are NOT included in your Lite edition:

  • Automatic Keyword and URL replacements: Pretty Links will scan your content for keywords or URL's you've defined and will replace them automatically with pretty links. If you disable Pretty Links the links will revert to how they were before as well.
  • Shortlink URL: Many users like to purchase an even shorter version of their domain name to use as a base domain for their Pretty Links. For example, your WordPress site domain might be https://myreallycoolwebsite.com. With Pretty Links Pro you can purchase a shorter domain like https://mrcw.co and set it up to be used in your Pretty Links.
  • Dynamic Redirects: Redirect users to different places depending on what device or browser they're using. Or where they're physically located (geo), by the date/time they click the link, or randomly redirect them if you want.
  • Conversion Reporting: Test how well different landing pages or sales funnels are working by setting up conversion reports. Great for A/B testing or Split testing.
  • New Redirect Types: With Pro you can use client-side redirect types such as Javascript or Meta-Refresh. These are useful for replacing the HTTP referrer so it's harder for your merchant to see where your traffic is coming from.
  • Automatic Social Buttons: Automatically add social buttons to the top/bottom of your posts/pages. When sharing the post, the pretty link is used.
  • Automatically Create Pretty Links for new Posts/Pages: Pretty Links can automatically create a pretty link for each post or page you publish

Do any of these features sound like ones that would make your business better? If so, please consider upgrading to our paid edition of Pretty Links. You can easily do that by following our instructions here!

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