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My Pretty Links Are Redirecting Slowly

Because Pretty Links is a WordPress plugin and can be operating on many different web hosting configurations, alongside any number of other plugins and with any themes it is impossible for us to guarantee redirection performance.

However, the good news is that if your pretty links are redirecting slower than you'd like, there are some things you can try to increase their performance. Here are some of them:

  • Try switching to “Simple Click Count Tracking” by selecting it at “Pretty Links” -> “Options” -> “Reporting” -> “Tracking Style” … This will disable some of the reporting data about where your clicks are coming from and some other data about your clicks but should increase the performance.
  • Try disabling “Filter Robots” at “Pretty Links” -> “Options” -> “Reporting” -> “Filter Robots” … If this is enabled it could be impacting the performance of Pretty Links's redirection. This will probably drastically increase the number of clicks you'll get to your links because Pretty Links won't filter out bot clicks … but it should have some impact on the performance of your redirects.
  • Try disabling “Tracking” of each of your pretty links by editing each individual link and disabling it under “Advanced Options” -> “Tracking” or using the bulk edit user interface on the Pretty Links list. This of course will completely disable click tracking on each link you disable this on and so you'll no longer have any insights into how many clicks you're getting.
  • Try disabling other plugins, one at a time to see if any of them are causing your redirects to be slow.
  • Temporarily switch to the default WordPress theme to see if your theme is causing your redirects to be slow.
  • Work with your web hosting company to ensure your database is configured properly and is optimized especially for the table named ‘wp_prli_links' … this is the table Pretty Links uses to lookup your pretty links and where they should redirect to. Ensuring this table is optimized is critical to the performance of your links.
  • Upgrade your web hosting account or work with your web host to increase the performance of your redirects.
  • Work with your web host to ensure caching schemes and other front-end technologies aren't interfering with your pretty link redirects.

This is by no means everything that could be causing issues with performance but should give you a good start in pinpointing what's causing your links to redirect slowly. If you feel like you've tried all of these and have come up short and you've purchased a current support license, please contact our support team so that we can help you troubleshoot.

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