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If you're someone who lights up at the thought of pampering your furry, feathery, or scaly friend, you're in for a treat. Merging your love for pets with affiliate marketing creates a rewarding money-making opportunity.

Let's say you have a favorite toy or a must-have piece of gear for your pet. As an affiliate marketer, you can promote these products on social media or even start your own blogging website. Then, when readers purchase these items through your links, you earn a percentage of the sale.

It's a simple yet effective way to monetize your passion for pets!

The pet niche is diverse and continuously in demand, covering everything from nutritious food options to must-have accessories like leashes, collars, and health products. The trick is picking affiliate programs that really click with what your audience (and their pets) need.

We've sniffed out a few tail-waggingly great affiliate marketing programs for pet lovers like you. Discover the awesome products these programs have to offer and get the scoop on their commission setups. That way, the joy you get from pampering your pet can also become a source of income for you.

1. Chewy

Chewy stands out as a pet parent's dream online marketplace, boasting over 3,500 brands. It's a one-stop-shop for a vast array of pet food, supplies, and pharmacy items, all focused on making pet care easy, affordable, and enjoyable. Their commitment to customer service and a seamless shopping experience also makes them a favorite among pet owners

Their affiliate program mirrors this customer-focused approach, providing a 4% commission on orders from both new and returning customers. As an affiliate, you'll benefit from personalized support, insightful regular newsletters, and a vast selection of over 2,000 popular pet supply brands.

2. BarkBox

BarkBox is the ultimate subscription box that delights over 2 million dogs. Each surprise box contains two plush toys, two bags of healthy treats, and a variety of fun activities, customized for allergies and play preferences. BarkBox's commitment to 100% satisfaction is backed by round-the-clock customer support.

The BarkBox Affiliate & Creator Program offers a lucrative opportunity to earn commissions while spreading canine joy. Promote BarkBox favorites and earn $18 per BarkBox signup, $20 for Super Chewer and BARK Bright Dental, and a 10% commission on BARK Food sales. This program is your chance to contribute to canine happiness while benefiting from each successful referral.

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3. Petco

Petco is a leading pet specialty retailer offering an extensive array of products, services, and solutions for pets. They are dedicated to strengthening the bond between pets and their owners, providing top-quality pet food, supplies, grooming, and veterinary services for a comprehensive pet care experience.

The Petco affiliate program invites you to turn your passion for pets into earnings. Affiliates enjoy up to a 4% commission on sales made through their unique referral links. This program is an engaging way to connect with fellow pet enthusiasts and support a brand committed to animal welfare.

4. Furbo

Furbo leads as the top interactive pet camera brand, transforming how pet owners interact with their pets. Their innovative camera allows remote interaction, including seeing, talking to, and even tossing treats to pets, offering owners peace of mind and a delightful experience for pets.

The Furbo affiliate program offers a 10% commission on every sale, presenting a great chance to share your enthusiasm for pets and technology. As a Furbo affiliate, you'll promote a product that enhances the lives of pets and their owners.

5. Ollie

Ollie delivers fresh, healthy dog food made with real, human-grade ingredients, tailored to your pup's unique nutritional needs. Their mission is to help dogs live their best lives with nutritious meals, ensuring something healthy for every belly. Ollie's natural ingredients and flexible pricing make personalized nutrition accessible for all dog sizes and breeds.

Become an Ollie Affiliate and earn a tail-wagging 10% commission on all purchases made through your site banners and affiliate links. It's not just about making money; it's about supporting a mission to help dogs live their best lives. Join the pack, spread health, and share the wealth with Ollie's affiliate program. Plus, you'll be the first to get the scoop on product updates and events!

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6. FurHaven Pet Products

FurHaven Pet Products specializes in cozy, comfortable, and stylish pet beds and accessories. They offer a wide range of products, including plush and suede sofa-style pet beds, ultra-plush deluxe mattress beds, and indoor/outdoor options. FurHaven ensures your pet's comfort at affordable prices, catering to dogs, cats, and small animals with their innovative and quality designs.

Join the FurHaven affiliate program and earn a cozy 10% commission on every sale! With a 30-day cookie duration, an average order value of $75, and a 9.2% conversion rate, it's a fantastic opportunity to earn while promoting products that pets love. Share the joy of comfortable pet beds and accessories and watch your earnings grow!

7. specializes in luxury, waterproof pet blankets, beds, and more, blending style with functionality. Their products, including the popular PupRug™, are designed to integrate seamlessly into your home decor while providing ultimate comfort for your pets. All items are odor-resistant and machine washable, ensuring both elegance and practicality for pet owners.

Join the's affiliate program and earn a fantastic 10% commission on every sale you refer. With a 30-day referral window, you have a whole month to turn clicks into cash. Plus, enjoy the convenience of a 30-day payout schedule. It's a paw-some opportunity for pet lovers and influencers alike to earn by promoting luxury pet products!

8. Pet Pro Supply Co.

Pet Pro Supply Co. is a leading distributor of premium pet care products, catering to both pet professionals and discerning pet parents. They offer a wide range of high-quality items, including dog crates, grooming supplies, veterinary equipment, and travel accessories. Their commitment to superior standards makes them a go-to source for everything needed to care for pets safely and comfortably.

Join the thriving community of over 500 affiliates at Pet Pro Supply Co! This program is an excellent opportunity for pet-related blogs, social media influencers, and review websites to earn significant revenue. With an average order value of $700, your potential earnings are substantial.

9. Whistle

Whistle leads the pack in pet health and technology, offering state-of-the-art pet trackers and health monitoring devices. Their innovative products provide pet owners with invaluable insights into their pet's location and well-being, ensuring a deeper connection with their furry friends.

Become a Whistle Affiliate Partner and earn up to 10% commission on sales! With an average order value over $100 and a 30-day cookie window, your earning potential is significant. Enjoy access to up-to-date creative materials and exciting performance-based incentives like bonus payouts and commission increases.

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Joining a pet-focused affiliate program is a pawsome way to bond with your pet and connect with a community that loves animals just as much as you do!

Think about it – every recommendation you make, from the comfiest cat bed to the latest dog tracker, is a chance to share your personal pet care journey and make a positive impact on another pet's life.

Find your positive impact by joining one of these tail-wagging affiliate programs, all offering the latest and greatest in pet products you'll roll over for:

  1. Chewy: A one-stop online destination for pet parents, Chewy offers an extensive range of pet essentials and veterinary products.
  2. BarkBox: BarkBox surprises pups monthly with unique themed boxes filled with toys, treats, and tail-wagging fun.
  3. Petco: Petco provides a holistic approach to pet care, offering everything from nutritious food to grooming and veterinary services.
  4. Furbo: Revolutionizing pet interaction, Furbo’s cameras enable owners to connect with their pets from anywhere.
  5. Ollie: Ollie focuses on delivering fresh, customized, and nutritious dog meals right to your doorstep.
  6. FurHaven Pet Products: FurHaven crafts comfortable and stylish pet beds and accessories, prioritizing your pet's relaxation.
  7. merges luxury and practicality in pet products, specializing in stylish, waterproof pet beds and blankets.
  8. Pet Pro Supply Co.: Catering to pet professionals and owners, Pet Pro Supply Co. offers a diverse range of high-quality pet care products.
  9. Whistle: At the forefront of pet tech, Whistle provides innovative trackers and health monitors for pets’ wellbeing.

Are you a proud pet parent who's tried any of these brands? Let us know in the comments section below. Your recommendation could be your first step toward affiliate marketing!

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