What’s the difference between a pretty link and a PrettyPay™ link?

Pretty links and PrettyPay™ links are both super useful for online marketing, but they're used differently. A pretty link is great for affiliate marketers. It shortens long affiliate URLs into something neater and more brand-friendly, making them easier to share and keeping your branding consistent.

On the flip side, PrettyPay™ links are perfect for merchants and entrepreneurs who sell their own products. These links are like “buy now” buttons. They make selling smoother and direct payments into your Stripe account, while also boosting your brand.

The main difference? Pretty links are for promoting others' products and earning commissions, while PrettyPay™ links focus on selling your own products and enhancing the customer's buying experience.

Both link types allow you to customize and track your links, but they cater to different online selling needs.