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5 Ways to Optimize Your Mobile Site for Better Conversion Rates

Are mobile users turning away from your site? Whether you’re trying to get people to sign up for your courses or click on your affiliate links, you might be wondering why your mobile conversion rates are low and what you can do about it. If visitors are ignoring your call to actions (CTAs), you probably…

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How to Craft Landing Pages that Convert

Why Don’t My Landing Pages Convert? The internet is distracting.  Even the most organized and focused of us can get lost deep in the throes of Reddit, Tumblr, and Instagram. When you’re done scrolling for hours on a social network, you find yourself skipping merrily through blogs, articles, videos, ebooks, tutorials, and on and on…


How to Set Up Link Expirations Using Pretty Links

Link expirations are incredibly useful and an awesome feature offered by Pretty Links. However, the tool isn’t used as often as it could be, due to a lack of understanding of how to use it efficiently. Fortunately, link expirations are a very simple feature you can use across your website and social media platforms. They…