Pretty Links 1.5.8

This is a major new release that fixes numerous bugs and adds several new features for Lite and Pro users. Everyone should upgrade …

Feature Re-factored the add/edit link screen to be more intuitive and accurate
Feature Added the ability to add a new group from the Add / Edit Link screen
Fix Using uniqid() to generate visitor id for normal & extended tracking now in order to increase performance and avoid issues with mt_rand and pow
Fix Replaced all code dependent on curl to now use the more versatile WP_Http
Fix Altered the hits list for normal & extended tracking to use GMT time
Fix Fixed some issues with Parameter Forwarding
Fix Fixed the conflict with W3 Total Cache Object Caching that was causing pretty link options to not be saved when it was enabled
Pro Feature Added Double Redirection for any pretty link
Pro Feature Added Google Analytics support for any pretty link by integrating with the Google Analyticator, Google Analytics for WordPress and Google Analytics Plugin
Pro Feature Added Delayed Redirection for any pretty links using Javascript and Meta-Refresh Redirection
Pro Feature Added the ability to automatically create and download QR Codes pretty links
Pro Feature Added the ability to change the minimum user admin role that can access Pretty Links
Pro Fix Made some major performance enhancements to Keyword and URL Replacements
Pro Fix Fixed an issue adding Twitter accounts for some users running wordpress within a subdomain
Pro Fix Fixed an issue with select all links

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