Pretty Links Turns 10!

We launched Pretty Links Pro 10 years ago this month … and we're very happy to see that it's even more useful & relevant today than it was back then! Since the beginning, our mission has always been to help bloggers, social mavens, and affiliate marketers bring in more revenue through superior link management!

In this past decade (WOW!) Pretty Links has been able to make managing your links much easier and faster. Pretty Links has truly become the leader in on-site link management. While we're excited that we've been in business this long, we know that there's no way we could have ever made it this far without you, our awesome customers!

Thanks so much for jumping on this wild ride with us!

To celebrate this huge milestone, we're putting on a one-time promotion! We hope you'll join thousands of other happy Pretty Links users by purchasing at 60% off our regular price! 

This promo will only last for ONE WEEK, so don’t wait!

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Again, we can’t express how grateful we are to our amazing customers for reaching ten years! Here’s to ten more!

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