Testimonials | Pretty Links - Part 3

Emanuel M.

I simply love it. It’s a wonderful tool!

Johan B

I use Pretty Links for all my sites, It’s a great tool to remember long URL’s that I use many times: For example, the link to any of my social media sites. Now I only need to remember my domain.xx/nameoftheservice and my link will never go wrong! I’m in the music business and need to…

Lana N.

Easy to use, no long URLs, you can choose the name, nothing similar to other shorteners. Just great!

Chais M.

HUGE fan of Pretty Links!!! We use it on multiple websites and this plugin does some really complicated things to make our brands look good! We’re so grateful it exists as a company & as a product!!!

Chelsea P.

Pretty links makes creating my podcast episode links so easy. I love it!