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Can I use Pretty Links on non-WordPress sites?

Pretty Links is a WordPress-only plugin. As such it can only be installed on WordPress.org based websites or WordPress.com Business domains. You can install Pretty Links on any new or existing WordPress website without interrupting your existing content. The shortened links you create with Pretty Links on your WordPress website can be shared anywhere, such…

Who will find Pretty Links useful?

Pretty Links is particularly useful to affiliate marketers. It helps them to clean up, brand, group, organize, and track their links. In addition to affiliate marketing, Pretty Links is also useful to bloggers, podcasters, merchants, social media marketers, and anyone else who wants to easily take control of their link strategy.

What are the technical requirements for running Pretty Links?

Pretty Links requires WordPress version 4.5 or above, PHP 5.2.4 or above, MySQL 5.1 or above, and a web browser that has JavaScript enabled. Pretty Links runs on Self-Hosted WordPress (wordpress.org). The self-hosted version of WordPress is very different from the free blogs you can setup at WordPress.com (which Pretty Links and other plugins are…