Setup Split Tests on your Links

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Split Tests (A/B Tests) simply test different versions of a landing page to see which one performs better. Split tests are a great way to optimize your landing pages by figuring out what works and putting more of what works on your website 🙂 … Here’s how you run a Split Test on a link:

  1. Go to “Pretty Links” -> “Pretty Links” and click “Edit” underneath the link you want to Split test.
  2. Click “Pro Link Options” to expand the pro options for this link
  3. Setup the Target URL Rotations for this link.
  4. Click “Split Test This Link”
  5. Select a Goal URL for this split test. You can look at the URL Rotations as your “A” Pages (they just have the same entry point — the Pretty Links URL) and this Goal URL as the “B” Page. If you don’t know what I’m talking about with “A” Page & “B” Pages, read this primer on conversions in Pretty Links and then come back.
  6. Hit “Update”
  7. To view the report click “Split Test Report” which will now appear directly under this link in the list. Unlike the Pretty Links Conversion reports, you actually have to wait for data to start coming in after you setup your split test — don’t worry you’ll see it start coming in quickly though :).