Setup Public Link Creation

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The Public Link Creation feature in Pretty Links turns your website into a link shrinking service. It is also pretty easy to setup. Here’s how you can get it working on your site:

Enable Public Link Creation

  1. This feature is disabled by default so you need to enable it. In your WordPress admin click on the “Pretty Links” -> “Pro Options” menu item.
  2. Click on the “Public Link Creation Options” link to make these options visible.
  3. Click the check box labeled “Allow Public Link Creation on this website.”

Put a Public Link Creation Form on your site

For this item, you have 2 options: you can use the “Create a Short URL” sidebar widget or you can just place a WordPress shortcode on any page or post to display this form.

Here’s how you’d use the “Create a Short URL” Widget:

  1. After you’ve enabled Public Link creation you can go to the “Appearance” -> “Widgets” and see that there is a new widget there named “Create a Short URL.”
  2. Drag this into one of your sidebars and configure it however you want (the same options are available through the widget).

Here’s how you’d use a shortcode to display this form:

  1. Create a new Page or Post or edit an existing one.
  2. In the Rich Text Editor just type [prli_create_form] to show a basic form that creates links using the default options.
  3. If you want to specify some options for links created with this form that are different than the Default Link Options you’ve set (“Pretty Links” -> “Options”) then you can actually add several attributes to the shortcode to do this:
    1. label — This option sets the text before the input field which is displayed with the public link creation form. Example: [prli_create_form label="Paste your URL here:>br/<"].
    2. button — This option sets the text displayed on the submit button for this form. If you don’t want this button showing at all you can set it to an empty string. Standard example [prli_create_form button="Create it!"] … No button example: [prli_create_form button=""].
    3. redirect_type — This sets how the link will be redirected. Possible values for this option are “307”, “301”, “prettybar” or “cloak.” Example: [prli_create_form redirect_type="301".
    4. track — This option is available to allow or disallow tracking on these links. Passing a “1” to this option will turn tracking on and a “0” will turn tracking off. Example: [prli_create_form track="1"].
    5. group — You can specify a default group that these links will be placed in when created. You just pass the group’s id. Example: [prli_create_form group="4"].
  4. Here’s a full example: [prli_create_form label="Create a short link" button="submit" redirect_type="prettybar" track="1" group="17"].