Rotate Your Target URLs

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This option should be setup if you want your Pretty Links to resolve to more than 1 Target URL. You can use it for partnerships, ad rotations, and split-testing. Here’s how you can get this to happen on one of your Pretty Links:

  1. Go to back to “Pretty Links” -> “Pretty Links” and click “Edit” under the link you want to replace keywords on your blog with.
  2. On the Edit page you’ll want to click “Pro Link Options” to Expand the Pro Options.
  3. Enter up to 4 additional Target URLs you can rotate through and set their weights — the weights basically show what % of the time each url will be selected — Pretty Links uses a weighted random algorithm to determine what the target URL will be for each click.
  4. Click “Update”

You should be able to visit your link now a few times and see that it’s redirecting to multiple places.