Replace URLs

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Replacing URLs with Pretty Links is even easier than Replacing Keywords. This feature will look for URLs throughout your blog and replace them with Pretty Links. Here’s how you can get going with it:

  1. Go to “Pretty Links” -> “Pro Options”
  2. Click the link titled “Keyword & URL Replacement Options” to expand these options. For a break down of the options in this section see the page about Replacing Keywords.
  3. Check “Enable Keywords and URL Pretty Links Automatic Replacement.” (You may want to enable the content cache as well — to speed up the site with replacements turned on)
  4. Go to back to “Pretty Links” -> “Pretty Links” and click “Edit” under the link you want to replace urls on your blog with.
  5. On the Edit page you’ll want to click “Pro Link Options” and then enter a comma separated list of URLs for this link into the URL Replacements field.
  6. Click “Update”

Now you should be able to go to posts and pages on your website and see that URLs have been replaced with your Pretty Links!