Automatically create Pretty Links for your Pages & Posts

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Be aware that when you enable this feature, Pretty Links will go back and create Pretty Links for all of your previous Pages and/or Posts and any new Pages and/or Posts will get a Pretty Links when Published. I like to have a Group setup for Pages & Posts before I even enable this option for the first time. Also, if you come back to the option page and change the group then Pretty Links will automatically move all of the Pages and/or Posts to the new group too … this is just so your Pretty Links created in this fashion are easier to manage. Here’s how you get this set up:

  1. Go to “Pretty Links” -> “Pro Options”
  2. Click the link titled “Automatic Pretty Links Creation and Posting Options” to expand these options.
  3. If you want to automatically create pretty links for Posts then click “Create Pretty Links for Posts” — for Pages click “Create Pretty Links for Pages.”
  4. Select a group for these automatically created pretty links.

That’s it!